Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Day On Earth

It's been a strange few days of plans thrown out and random stuff perking away in the rattly old coffee pot of my head.

Getting ahead of myself a bit, since it's still bloody cold out there, I was trying to find out where those lovely lines come from that the steadily-reforming Phil Connors quotes in Groundhog Day

And winter slumbering in the open air,
Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring

and found it was a poem by Coleridge.

And spookily, The Grauniad has given it away in a little free book today.

My head full of Eno (of which more here and, of course, here) I popped this on in the car on the way to collect my big sister who'd unexpectedly arrived in London and found it, in the light (or, I think we should say, darkness) of all the suffering in the news lately, very, very right and, well, moving.

Brian Eno - 'How Many Worlds' (2005)


And she'd been to see the Aged Ps and felt 'things could be better' and that the little screws in the Old Man's mind may have shaken still looser since the last time she, or I, went down.


I'm taking the biggest bag of old baby clothes up the road to this man in a minute; while all those mega-agencies and the mighty US military were noodling about at the airport, him and his little white van got straight through - and he's going back on Friday.



  1. It's that time of year isn't when things seem grey, glum and out of sorts or focus.

    Did you ever hear the Eno podcast when Another Day was released? Luckily I grabbed it at the time, as it's gawn from the net now.

    Here if you fancy some extra Eno

  2. Ah, you're a fine source of all things Eno Mond, ta. Who's the interviewer on that, do you know?

  3. I've been a bit unfocused myself this week, work has been hectic and a late January gloom has descended.

  4. Was suppossed to be in Guildford today but the car decided not to start this morning, probably delayed effects of being under 2 ft of snow for nearly 3 weeks. As a result missed my flight!

  5. Not sure actually, but he sounds to me like the Toy Collector from Toy Story. I've also got an Apollo soundtrack poster in the loft, signed by Eno and Russel Mills, which I won in a Starzone (Bowie fanzine) competition in 85

  6. You old tiger.

    It's Guildford's loss Drew.

  7. It's still light when I get back to the West Country now from work. That's a sign that things are getting better for me.

    Spring is just around the corner chappie.

  8. Sorry I'm a day late with the comment - hope your ennui is yesterday's news. It was a strange experience reading this post. Very thought provoking, then as you scroll to the final paragraph you're confronted with a scantily clad lady. Ever thought of working for The Sun?

  9. Lovely poem.

    The other day I happened to be reading The Tomten to my little boy:

    Winters come and winters go,
    Summers come and summers go,
    Soon the swallows will be here.

    Sadly it offers no words of comfort or wisdom in re Aged Ps or the suffering of the Haitians.

  10. No, but those Swedes know more than most about dark winters and the longing for spring and summer...

  11. you're a treasure really you are. that really was just the thing


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