Friday, May 07, 2010

The Smiling Hour

Mancini, Nancy, gin.

Called for tonight more than ever.

Nancy Wilson - 'Moon River' (1963)


  1. thankyou heartface. just when we needed you most

  2. I received a lovely version of Moon River by Tanya Donelly on blue vinyl from Joe at ALR records last week. It is one track from a compilation called Sing Me To Sleep (indie lullabies) recorded for a childrens charity.

    I've got an 18th birthday party tonight for some friends son, god I feel old.

    Have as good a weekend as you can possibly have Mr H and fellow ghosters.

  3. Afore mentioned version

    See what you think

  4. Drew I *heart* Tanya, look forward to listening to that v.much, ta.

    Crikey. I haven't been to an 18th birthday party since - mine (gulp).

  5. Ah lovely. The wife has just nipped out to get fish and chips and a nice big bottle of fat coke. No alcohol this even due to a long day on the road tomorrow. But the sugar should be enough to help me make it through the night.

  6. Word verification "defules". It's BA Baracus passing judgement on the situation.

  7. I've had a cold all week, so haven't had a drop since Sunday. But may ease myself back in with a couple Zywiecs.

    Big fan of Nance - her Blue Note comp is well worth grabbing. Long and Winding Road, You're All I Need etc...

  8. OK, so if me and Mrs H hadn't just had the best delivery curry ever then my pick 'n' mix would definitely be Simon's lovely fish'n'chips with Mond's Hungarian (?) beer.

    Can't abide Coca Cola mind. Iss the spawn o' the Devil, innit.

    I have this on the LP pictured, beautiful glossy sleeve, mint nick, a quid in Oxfam, Kingston -
    On Thames, not Jamaica.


  9. Polish - 5.6 and £1.39 for a 500ml bottle. Winner. A few of those and you end up a'leaping like the bods on the label

  10. Never mind the always high quality of the music, it's always worth coming here for the comments.

    Word verification- exeding


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