Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Reggae # 22

It's been a hard day's week.

But now I and I's on Easter Hols.

I want the finest wines available to humanity, and I want them here, and I want them now.

Big Youth - 'Cool Breeze' (1972)


  1. One of the handful of reggae records I own is Stop That Train by Clint Eastwood & General Saint – a favourite at a nightclub I frequented that I even featured on the blog many years ago. I never knew it was a cover of sorts. I’m guessing this song was the inspiration - or maybe there’s an even earlier version.

  2. I's Easter break finished today but Record Store Day to look forward to tomorrow.

    Have a good weekend and week aff Mr H.

  3. I'm aff, I'm aff!

    Originally a ska single by The Spanishtonians (1965), but this cribs the rocksteady remake by Keith & Tex (1967).

    And I needs to get me more Big Youth.

    Enjoying this picture.

  4. Some serious tooth tatoos is in 'da 'pic 'ma. Yes I. Jah is in 'dem eggs. JAH DEH dem eggs. Yes I.

  5. You know what I don't have much Big Youth either. And he's damn good too. He was my favourite bit of the Reggae Britannia the other month.