Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Nugget

Seems at this time of year (in fact, to the day) I feel the urge to dig out the Nuggets comps.

I don't do this consciously.

There's just a Spring in the air and West Coast garage pop on the turntable connection.

'Girl I've Got News For You' easily sounds like it could have been a Top Ten smash by the Grassroots (and was in fact produced by Grassroots producer Steve Barri), but the performance is by Cherokee, aka The Robbs. The Robbs are best known for their 1966 regional hit 'Race With The Wind' and for being regulars on the 'Where The Action Is' TV show. As the 60s spilled into the 70s the group's name was changed to Cherokee. These days the Robb Brothers can be found operating Cherokee Studios, one of Hollywood's top recording complexes.

(from the original 1985 sleeve notes)

I love this!

Cherokee - 'Girl, I've Got News For You' (1971)


  1. The Nuggets comps are brilliant. The best music has always been underground, I keep telling myself. Didn't your mum and dad groove to this one?

  2. Older parents DD - they grooved to Glen Miller.

  3. I remember growing up (or not) and listening to music like what's on the comps at neighbors I wasn't supposed to visit because they took drugs.

    Nothing wrong with Big Band music, either. I have a huge collection of it. You may know.

  4. Neighbours who took drugs? Ours grew runner beans.

  5. That explains some things.

    My glory, five comments already and the ink ain't dry. You blog.

  6. A Monday post! Good work big fan of the Nuggets comp. Don't Look Back - and Just Like Me are fave picks

    Did you know The Undertones covered Let's Talk About Girls? And for more of the same, check the Jagged Time Lapse series and Acid Dreams Epitaph.

    Or any of Nick Salomon's comps

  7. I think Mondo may have had the same neighbors. Er, neighbours. "Honey, what country is this today?"

  8. I've a nice little playlist filled with Nuggets and a series of the British psych equivalent that is a regular play on the Pod. I've posted a few bits in the past, I might dig out some more soon.

    Meanwhile in other news I'm being followed by a Taunton BnB on Twitter and Paignton was shown briefly in the TOTP documentary on Friday to represent the long hot summer of 76.

  9. I saw! And I was there maaaaan.

  10. I was in Tenby in Welsh Wales that summer.
    Do love those Nuggets comps

  11. I was locked in an outside loo in inner city Leeds. 2hrs @ 90 degrees with only a Beano (torn into quarters). Some cunto had cranked up his Dansette, repeatedly playing 'Under The Moon Of Love' at full vol - thus drowning out my cries for help.

    Why, if old Mr Wagstaffe hadn't have come by for his early evening constitutional, I dare say I could have died.

  12. Isle of Wight. Keeping it real in summer of 76. Or something.

    Nuggets= ace