Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Funkin' Friday

The Menahan Street Band are some Dap Kings with assorted groovy Daptone label mates - they're on, amongst other things, those records by Lee Fields, one of which you may have heard here before. I was going to post their single 'The Wolf', a slinky groover that was in the lovely batch of freebies that came to me straight outta Brooklyn this time last year courtesy Jon @ The Vinyl District, but I think this is even better.

If I was so-minded I'd say it was a 'sultry funk-soul workout perfectly pitched for a hot night in the city, with a boss break at 2:08'.

Some hip-hopper should sample it! Oh wait, some hip-hopper has.


Have a funky pagan festival of fertility.

The Menahan Street Band - 'Make The Road By Walking' (2008)


  1. Great Tune Mr H, never heard it before.

    I'm off out for a slap up meal tonight and L is buying seeing as I will have notched up another year come tomorrow.

    Do you think I should have a fly gin before the off?

    It's warm up here so it much be postively tropical down in the Smoke.

    Have a good long weekend Davy.

  2. Cheers matey, you too. 25C today, reggae on in the car, funkiness abounds. A fly gin? I think we both know the answer to that question.

    Word verif = (I kid you not) 'boosa'

  3. PS: And, how remiss of me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow.

  4. you modern thing you. s'nice and all too but hard to hear proper over all the darned quacking round here

  5. Ah, the ducks. It's much better Q, I have noticed, downloaded than streamed. So download peeps.

  6. Perfect for sipping as the sunsets over Southend. We recorded our next poddy last night and I've pitched a Dap Kings rarity in the playlist..

  7. 'Dis not so funkin'
    It's soul you is got
    'Ya Davy on Fri.
    With glass 'o Pinot

  8. So, all that remains of Easter: grubby yellow chicks, chocolate stains on me best lambretta shirt, stale hot cross buns, pink bald patch, football teams promoted, relegated or slipping into mid-table mediocracy, blackened barbeque grills, 100 empty green bottles, Jesus singing 'roll away the stone'.

  9. Just loving this retro stuff dear boy.

    And the Dap Kings... er, reminds me...


    Back soon.

  10. Greetings from sunny Glasgow! (there's a sentence you don't hear very often..)

    I can't remember what winding route I took to stumble across your blog but I'm glad I did. Looks like you've got some great stuff here and I'll be back to explore properly when I've got more time. I love that Menahan Street Band tune as well.

    You might dig some of the stuff over at

    d'you mind if I add you to my blogroll?


  11. Cheers backatcha Duncan: looking forward to having a proper rummage over at your soulful joint too.

    Add away baby (you're on mine now).