Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Midweek Nugget

21 degrees in London today, who'da thunk it. Here's another Nugget, then...

'Mind Excursion' by New York's Tradewinds shows how even (presumably) straight groups co-opted the trend by utilizing a suggestive title that, in actuality, encouraged a positive physical adventure rather than a headtrip.

(sleeve notes)

Unable to fund a Grand Tour at present, I'm going to see if I can get any kind of 'head trip' going on some cheap Pinot from the supermarket.

The Tradewinds - 'Mind Excursion' (1966)


  1. [I've just noticed that the lead vocal drops away quite a bit in the second verse - thought this might be my computerising, but a second attempt is the same, so maybe the Nuggets people are to blame; anyway, sorry about that. With just the music up, it does sound quite Brian Wilson demo-ey. And it's only a little bit anyway]

  2. I shall listen to this later. I was listening to The Morning Dew earlier today, who are also from a Nuggets thing, and also very sunshine=y, although in a moody, almost Stones meets Hendrix meets funk sort of way. Dark sunshine. If you know what I mean. London sunshine, after it's been too hot for too long.

  3. The Morning Dew 'Sing Out' on youtube...

  4. Ooh, that's very Nuggety! Nice one!

  5. Here on the other side of the ball of confusion, it's snowing.

  6. Crazy world huh?

    [The 'track' is now 're-upped' minus the vocal 'drop-out' 'issue'. If you've already downloaded, you may care to go for it again. Hugs x]