Friday, May 27, 2011

Davy H Is A-Wey

I'm taking a day off today to walk the Wey Navigations in Deepest Surrey. I've strolled little stretches of this before, but this time my mate Robbie and I are looking to do the whole twenty miles in one go, from Godalming to where the river joins the Thames at Weybridge.

I mention this because it's planned that we celebrate with a few pints at the Finish, quite rightly; and this will mean I'm not back at my Blog Station tonight till a tad later than usual.

I'll endeavour to Tweet any significant developments through the day (that box on the right'll have what we should laughingly refer to as 'all the latest').

And I hope my very old and not at all state of the art walking boots hold out (as well as my knees, which could be described similarly).


Fats Domino - 'I'm Walkin' ' (1957)


  1. Now playing - Ramblin' Man. Very good. Have a lovely day, I'm quite jealous.

  2. I'll put the Torres in the fridge.


  3. i do hope you didn't get trampled by wild things. or lost. or had so much fresh air you popped. it's a jungle out there

  4. Back safe in Lahnden Tahn. Have appointment with Radox bath and disco on Middle Aged FM. Cheoz all x

  5. PS: Drew - came home not only to a takeaway curry that had arrived just 30 secs before I did, but a bottle and a half of Vina Torres rosado (which is fab, btw) in the fridge.


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