Monday, May 02, 2011

Jùjú For Your May

This was a fun, unusual, thing to find in my local charity shop on Saturday, still in the cellophane, just a quid. It's the US edition (the UK cover, which I well remember from that heady time when all the hipsters were digging African music, looked like this); it has a little red $7.49 price tag from Strawberries Records on it. I wonder how it wound up in SW14?

Jùjú for your May, baby.

King Sunny Adé & His African Beats - 'Tolongo' (1983)


  1. my word ain't we all outernational today. it's all this weather. rain by the end of the week'll send us scurrying back to the usual i bets you

  2. Luscious - I'm on a mad buzz for Afrobeats at the mo' Tony Allen's Secret Agent is always on the spin. And have you checked this lot yet...

  3. nice, thanks!

  4. With UK temperatures set to top the 20s again this weekend I'm keeping the sunny sounds comin' baby.


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