Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Reggae # 25

 To be honest, the Romanian Orphans Charity Shop record bin is not my usual place to uncover rare reggae 45s; it really has rather more to offer the serious Ray Conniff collector.

Imagine my surprise and delight, then, at finding this there today - for 50p.

Produced by the legendary Joe Gibbs, with a riddim not unlike the one on Willie Williams' 'Armagideon Time'.

The 'B' side is a 'Version' of the 'A' - and, hey, we like it that way.

I've had some sort of tummy bug all day but given that the world is ending tomorrow, I might still rally for a drink if someone's going to the bar.

Dennis Brown - 'Stop Your Fussing & Fighting' (1977)
Dennis Brown - 'Together Brothers' (1977)


  1. My local Age Concern had a Rambling Sid Rumpo LP for 20p on Wednesday. I left it there because the condition was dubious but I've been kicking myself since. If it's still there tomorrow I'm having it.

  2. I think for 20p for the old dears Michael, it is probably worth a punt.

    Mrs H got me a Best Of Round The Horne CD for my birthday last year = bona.

  3. Find!

    (word veri : swine!)

  4. I know! And especially since I went to a proper record fair the other week and they had nothing like this.

  5. 50p! I hope you go back tomorrow and make a further donation of at least a quid, excellent piece of Reggae.

    Have a good weekend Mr H.

  6. oh and I'll get them in, a G&T. I can thoroughly recomend a glass of Torres Vina Sol, I have had a couple and now feel like Friday night is about to begin.

  7. Spookily, that is exactly what I have been drinking tonight.

  8. The best vinyl finds often turn up in the most unexpected places. Nice piece of reggae. And now you've mentioned G&T I've got a hankering for one meself.

  9. Coincidence, maybe or are we all turning into each other?

    Now this is spooky -

  10. oh lordbeen on on the pink wine since tom and joyce and it's starting to get oh heavens... isn't a joe gibbs prod just the finest thing

  11. Can't stop. Just popping in to say hello, I love you all.
    But, you knew that anyway.

    Life been (not so) good to me in recent days. However comma I have been dipping my toe in your respective blogs, just to check that your ongoing shenanigans prevail.

    I'll ALWAYS share a glass with you lot.

  12. Is it me or is there a touch of Armagideon Time about it?

    Veri ~ roast. I've had worse

  13. Well, here's a good word verification for the evening, and perhaps my life... 'haver'

  14. If the world does end
    Tomorrow so leaden
    And our paths should cross
    After armageddon

    I shall stand you that drink
    With a squeeze of lime
    For your recent posts have
    Included some words that rhyme

  15. Morning. Looks like we're all still here then.

  16. The rapture isn't until 6:00 p.m. local time as I understand it. You can't rush these things.

  17. Well bugger. The rapture came and went and we were all overlooked. Davy, you will have to keep blogin' on for awhile longer!

  18. I just realized why you are having a tummy bug. It's because you are dealing in stollen traffic. There are no Roumanian Orphans anymore, and I'm quite sure your latest donut is worth more than 50p (almost $1 in real money at current exthange rates). You diver, you.

  19. Rumbled. Or maybe that was just my stomach. Arf.