Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Reggae # 23

It's much compiled and very pop-famous, so I'm sure you've already got it, but I'm proudly computerising the original 45 here, snapped up just this afternoon from my currently high-yielding local charity shop for 50p.

Mainstream UK radio largely refused to play reggae records in the early 70s, so desperate-for-airplay labels (in)famously put strings on them. These get pretty close to being a bit much for me on the 'B' side, but on the 'A' the strength of the arrangement and loveliness of Mr Holt's vocal more than neutralise their effect, in my humble.

I've started drinking early tonight because of the stress of having two young male pussycats in the house who lost their cojones today.

Hold on in there boys.

John Holt - 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' (1974)
John Holt - 'Tell Me Why' (1974)


  1. And more results coming in... a huge swing to Friday reggae.

  2. We need to take time to reflect upon this, and listen to the messages people are sending.

  3. it's lovely this record - i'm a big fan. goes darned nicely with perfidia too.
    i do hope you manage to drink away bad dreams of vet related horridnesses

  4. Actually I quite like the sweetened production on the b-side.

  5. I love this track, I found it about ten years ago in a charity shop for 10p.

    Since my country has decided to revel in it's Scottishness i am celebrating with a rather fine Bulldog London gin and schweppes tonic, I may have an Isle of Jura malt later.

    Have a good weekend people or slange var as we say up here.

  6. I have my mum's 45 of this but the Trojan label is completely different.

  7. Can't drink til I've picked up daughter from party at 8.30. Beginning to feel slightly twitchy...

  8. Lee - what does the label look like?

  9. Mine's has the same label as yours Davy

  10. At the time I didn't care for these sweet reggae confections. Eg it put me off John Holt (and Ken Boothe) because these were the first things I had heard from them. I now know better of course after discovering more of their output (and better appreciate the sweet reggae too now - it's me age!).

    Everytime I see a Trojan label at a boot or chazza now I have to buy it. It's the label image as much as anything that does it. It should be declared an official National Treasure.

    Is Lee's label solid?

    PS: Feeling it for your kitties (ouch). Of should that be feline it (double ouch).

    word veri: squadj - the kitties could relate to that.

  11. They've brightened up a bit this morning; obviously no-one can bring back their cojones, but at least we've been able to take those silly lampshade neck collars off.

  12. Can't find the bloody thing (has one of the kids eaten it?) but I'm sure the label was half orange and half white.

  13. The half orange half white label was phased out completely by the end of 71 by the looks of 45cat. Lee's copy is an oddity then if it is orange/white. This was a top 10 hit in 74 so maybe they had to use another pressing plant and use old stock labels to meet demand.
    (I'll take the anorak off now).

  14. It might have just been plain white like this

    Now I'm really pissed off that I can't find it.

  15. 45Cat is, by the way (and thanks Darce for introducing me!) a top, top site.


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