Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Seed And The Sower

I've been listening to a lot of Grant McLennan/Go-Betweens in the last few days.

It's not the anniversary of his death or anything, though I checked that because so often I find there's a spooky synchronicity in these things; something a little quirky did happen last night, mind.

I was knocking up a davyh tomato pasta and chatting with my lovely eldest daughter about Big Things like Death and God and The Universe (she'd had R.S during the day) when we veered off to the less profound but in my mind no less important subject of tomato soup.

She said she'd really like some more of that posh fresh one with basil in it from Waitrose and I said 'Hang on, we've more ripening tomatoes in this house right now than we know what to do with (see above), so rather than fork out for lar-di-dar stuff we can ill-afford, why don't we make our own?'.

Suddenly Grant, who had until this point been playing largely unheeded on the iPo in the background sang out, clear as a bell

I read about your death in the paper
When I was buying tomato seed

That fair stopped us in our tracks, I can tell you.

Grant McLennan - 'Hot Water' (1995)


  1. I'm sorry. I just deleted this entire post and all the lovely comments by accident - worra plonker. I've managed to restore the post thanks to Google caching (and top-tips from people that know about these things on the interweb) but I can't restore the comments. Bah : (

  2. From memory....ally said she didn't have much solo Grant but that he was 'good for Big Things because of all the spaces' and I said 'I like spaces in music, spaces and basses', then Simon, first of all posting as his missus (again) said he was listening to bassy dubsteppy sorts of things but neverthless 'feeling autumnal' then Swiss Adam said he didn't have much solo Grant either so I said he (i.e. SA) had good hair though and he said he 'fancied an avatar and went for Lawrence for some reason' and I said 'Felt was an underrated band' and he said 'but were Go Kart Mozart?' and I said 'touché' and he said 'touché away'.

  3. Oh, and I said I'd found this a lovely intro to Grant's solo stuff.

  4. I think your comment summary is better than the originals. maybe you should do this more often- wait for the comments to roll in, delete them, sum them up.

  5. !

    The comments from companeros are what make this thing for me - I'm so p'd off I zapped them.

  6. Yeah you're right. I'm talking nonsense. How do you get a letter e with an accent?

  7. I Google the word and cut and paste it.

  8. You've made me wonder how you're supposed to do it so I looked it up: you press Alt and 0233 for é and other numbers for other accented letters. Cool.

  9. Or you can hold down 'alt GR' (to the right of the space bar) and type the letter. Only gives an acute accent but hey! does for most. And useful for other languages where the accent provides emphasis!

    Sadly does not work on a Mac...


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