Friday, September 16, 2011

The Smiling Hour

You know, sometimes only Tone will do.

And it's an early Pinot please bartender for I cannot face gin without lime, and dagnabbit we are out.

Tony Bennett - 'The Best Is Yet To Come' (1962)


  1. 'I can't face gin without lime'. Oh how you Home Counties types live.

    Austere fiscally deprived sundowners eh.

    Can of John Smiths for me .. in a leaky shed.

    love you. x

  2. We are all in this together Dickie

  3. Evening gents.

    I will have a Bloody Mary if one's going.

    I can't have a gin without lime either Mr H and as for those folk who put cucumber in it, that is just plain wrong.

    The reason I'm on the BMs, is due to the lack of Fever Tree tonic in Tesco's.

    Let's all get sozzled together, irrespective of what your poison is, that's what I say.

  4. People put cucumber in it???

    Sheesh, but the world has gone bonkers.

  5. Have to say swing-a-longa Nancy versh is my fave.

    I'm off to the pub with Piley and chums

  6. Or as I think Beyonce sang, 'If you liked it, you shoulda put a cucumber in it'.

    Been a long week, innit (as the kids and Davy say all the time).

    Night's fair drawing in. Was hoping for an Indian Summer, but looks like the wigwam will be going back to B&Q .. Drew. (Tee hee / tee pee).

    By the way, (seeing as we're having a jar and a catch-up) I was watching some of the thousands of new students arriving at the Halls of Residence in town today. A proud but concerned mum was spitting on a hanky and wiping the strawberry jam off grumpy son's cheek. 18 years, 13 GCSEs, 3 A levels, 763 UCAS points - but an acute inability to purchase his own underpants.

    Hopefully he'll be eaten to death tonight by some 18 stone northern bird in a white stilettos, a string vest and kebab juice stained leggings.

    Dry roasted anyone?

  7. No nuts for me ta DVD. Crisps'd be good. We have gin. But no tonic. No frigging lime. Or lemon. Open the red Mrs Swiss.

  8. I like red wine, but it don't like me

  9. Bloody hell SA, no lime, lemon or tonic, I didn't believe the stories about Manchester being so uncivilised.

    DVD- Will not need the Wigwam this half term going to old fashioned B&B

    Mr H, the story is here

    Comrade Colin is an advocate

  10. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life; my aged mother, a working class Devon girl and long-time G&T drinker (albeit with preference = lemon) would give such a notion very short shrift indeed, I can tell you. Cucumber goes in salads and sandwiches. And, in the case of smug middle class types, Pimms. 'End of'.

  11. Cucumber sannies, hark at Mr Middle Class type.

    I'm bored this evening.

    Feel dead guilty, downloaded the Jezabels album from, one of those snidey sites, granted I will buy it when it is available here next bloody Feb but it still left me feeling rather hypocritical

  12. MCR isn't uncivilised Drew. Just stocks are low in our house.

  13. just don't put cucumber in the gin, SA.

    Right I'm off to watch SA's favourite band on BBC4

  14. A Doctor writes...

    Drew - enjoy and familiarise yourself with The Jezabels album on the Freemans [(c) Mondo] then when the album comes out, buy it, and delete the pirate versh.

    SA - enjoy Manchester. It is a beautiful city, and we do not in any way attribute your lack of cocktail garnish to you living there. These things can happen to everyone, as they have to my good self.

    Both of you, try to get some rest and if it hasn't cleared up by Monday, come and see me again.

  15. I have fentiman's tonic and lemons but only the smallest drop of gin. I am reminded of that regular assembly story about the stranger in the village making stone soup

  16. But not iced stone soup, well not round here just now anyway. Not good.

  17. I'm not putting any stones in my gin Adam, jeez, I'm beginning to think that civilisation stops just south of here.

  18. Floyd could drive me to drink straight. With a full cucumber sticking out of it.

  19. The Draughtman's Contract coming on in about half an hour - that'll drive you to cucumber if nothing else will.

  20. oh tony tony tony he's incredible isn't he. all the way. why didn't i get a ticket for the paladium? i hate thinking each show might be his last. he's aces live too especially the bit when he turns the mikes off and leaves the whole place in tears


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