Friday, September 23, 2011

The Smiling Hour

Let there be you
Let there be me
Let there be oysters
Under the sea

Well, mussels - I'm having mussels again tonight. With big chunks of French bread and frites and cold white wine too, you know me. 

This song's been with me all my life - to begin with on this posthumous LP Dad had, with narrated bits by the BBC's Alan Dell between the songs and a big scratch on one side where the three year old me once bumped into the record player.

Battersea-born Shearing's light touch, the lovely lyric and Nat's easy vocal all make this pretty special, I'm sure you'll agree.

Here's to ducking bits off falling satellites.

Chin chin.

Nat 'King' Cole - 'Let There Be Love' (1961)


  1. Back from the East Mr H.

    I'm having chili tonight and a couple of Guinness originals but I think that a g&t is the order of the moment.

    Have a good weekend. It's the Sept weekend up here but I'm working Monday.

  2. Oooh, I could just go for a chilli. Apart from the minced sheep/cow/pig bit, obvs.

    Did you see anything of Budapest mon brave?

  3. Chilli here too. Mrs Swiss and E are going to Brownie camp for the whole weekend, leaving me and IT home alone.

  4. My hotel was right across the Danube from the Parliament. I managed to get out for a wander on Wednesday night, still in the high teens at 10 pm, positively tropical for a Scot but that was about it. Lovely airport, loads of space and very bright.

    I've got my crash helmet on and planning to dig a bunker in the garden to miss space debris as nothing on the telly again.

    Have you ever read any Chris Brookmyre? Just finished A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil, very, very funny.

  5. I haven't, but I saw one recently and thought of you.

    You'll be alright for satellites - north of the border's out of 'the impact zone', apparently. Typical.

  6. what am I going to do with this hole now?

  7. Flick bin lids into it, giant tiddlywinks.

  8. Not sure what's on the menu - but going easy on the scoopy doings. I had a 3 day blitz last weekend. Ending in a double figure pints on a Sunday sesh..

    We finshed off by seeing this lot at The Ship.

    Where an original 60s model ended up tumbling backwards into the speakers, and a shifty looking drug dealer was thrown (sideways - like a battering ram} out of the pub door

  9. why don't I have weekends like that?

    Brill idea SA.

  10. Boat pushed right out tonight. Fish fingers, potato waffles and beans.
    Beer and then bourbon with a Sky Sports night tonight. Leeds Rhinos and United both in action.
    Not quite as international bright young thing transmetropolitan as you lot.
    Ee by gum!
    Aren't mussels meat then? They're not really salty bogies are they?

  11. Oh aye Dickie, all you've heard is true.


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