Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bert Jansch (3rd Nov 1943 – 5th Oct 2011)

"Playing with Bert was like a long walk through the woods. Mysterious, ancient & natural. Leaves would fall but the sun could come out too" - Johnny Marr.

Bert Jansch - 'Running From Home' (1965)


  1. The cigarettes killed him, but it's a great pic.

  2. Running From Home has always been my favourite Bert Jansch track since I heard it way back when. It still gets to me today like it did back in the 1960's.

    RIP Mr Jansch - one of my 1st ever guitar heroes.

  3. i'm entirely burtless sorry bertless so thankyou for this. i didn't think he'd look like that neither.


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