Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yet Never Blossom

Here are four minutes in which legendary Young Marble Giant/Weekender Alison Statton, practically a patron saint of these pages, sings a melancholy melody over woozy synth, ambient noise and a plucked lute? uke? from Spike. It's Basil Kirchin's 'I Start Counting' for the Rough Trade generation, probably.

I love it.

Alison Statton & Spike - 'The Seed Remains' (1997)


  1. Blogging and the internet has been good for introductions to music I might never have heard. Do you know that before your blog I'd never gotten around to listening to Young Marble Giants. I had probably heard stuff, I sort of knew what they sounded like, but if I'd had to go into a shop and take a risk it wouldn't have been them probably.

    And I Start Counting, there's the demo version of that on the Fuzzy Felt Folk album is one of my favourite songs I've discovered through blogs. That was Lee I think over at his place.

    Not much to do with anything really, but thanks!

  2. Smoni and Kips encapsulate the hug.

  3. Very nice. The song and the love.

  4. it's a lovely song but not in the right sort of mood for a group hug at the moment!

  5. *gives Drew a small, private hug*

  6. ive got the fuzzy felt folk lp as well its fantastic, but this is my fave track. were can i get this seeds remaining track from,is it a band a one off its loverly

  7. Glad you like glen. Alison and Spike made an E.P 'Weekend In Wales' and three albums together - 'Tidal Blues' 'Maple Snow' and, the one this is from, 'The Shady Tree'. 'Maple Snow' I don't have; 'Tidal Blues' is a pretty straightforward collection of songs, some of them quite Weekend-like; 'TST' is a lot more experimental - twiddly noises, ambient stuff - more of a nod to Young Marble Giants; this track is easily the best thing on it, in my humble.

  8. a belated happy birthday from my condo on the eastern seaboard.

    Dean Friedman

    ps - did you see Lisa?

  9. oooh that really is lovely. it's made a trip down the park this afternoon a must. thankyou dear as ever


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