Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nu Jazz Tuesday

I hadn't heard of Two Banks Of Four until yesterday and hadn't heard their music until today.

'I think this will be right up your street' writes glen grainger, whose splendid musical choices may also be sampled here.

And do you know what, given they're kinda mid-period Working Week meets Koop via St Germain, he's right, so right.

glen, you spoil us - thank you.

Two Banks Of Four - 'One Day' (2003)
Two Banks Of Four - 'Unclaimed' (2003)

[vocalist - Valerie Etienne]


  1. There's a touch of 4hero about it - minus the furious drum 'n' bass backbeat, obvs

  2. With ya. And I think glen should just take over this blog for a bit, basically.

  3. oh valerie... i do miss valerie and mister big man and rob g and the vibe controller - the gallianos were a mighty live thing oh yes


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