Thursday, October 27, 2011


Torquay seafront, Monday

A strange few days of storms and, for the moment, calm; thundering to Devon under vast Constable skies to see my Mum in hospital and look after my Dad, not in the best of mental health and not coping well on his own. Back and forths to the hospital, making sure he ate something, throwing out all the food in the fridge with Best Before dates of faded memory.  If you have elderly relatives, you'll know the score. She's home now at least, struggling to navigate a paper bag-full of medication and Doing Too Much given two days ago she had three blood transfusions. It's a worry.

Thank you, Sir Richard, for this one - in the dark last night somewhere on the M4 between Bristol and Reading, me and a service station coffee and the blue light of my dashboard.

Richard Hawley - 'Don't Get Hung Up In Your Soul' (2009)


  1. So evocative, that music, the troublesome circumstances, the lonely drive with only your thoughts. I hope things work out OK.

  2. Take care Davy. These things will pass.

  3. Yeah. I know that drive down the M4well under similar circumstances.


  4. Oh Davy, beautifully constructed prose, words, imagery.. perfectly formed. All the more special, given the circumstances. Take a big sip of kindness, and get some rest when you can. Hugs. x

  5. Thanks folks. I'm back here now, they're there. We'll have to see how it goes. Being old doesn't rock.

  6. Tough times. It's that generational age, as the kids need less maintenance, the parents begin need more..

    Thinking of all the Hs on the family tree: big, small, old and young...from all in Southend

  7. Cheers Mond. Know you've been through worse.

  8. Oh Mr H, this post made me tight-throated.

    Sounds like hard and sad times.

    Howard and I lost our lovely Dad last week and the A1 has never seemed to be a longer or darker road than it has in the last month.

    Deep breaths and be kind to yourself.

    Beth XXX

  9. Beth, I am so sorry to hear that news. Looking again at Howard's wordless posts from the last week or so, I now see what they meant. Very sorry x

    Fingers crossed we're alright for now Ms A x

  10. Nothing to say really, Mr H but all my very best to yours.

  11. Well done our kid. I too have been there recently. (Am currently going through boxes of personal items covering 70-odd years).

    It's tough .. but has to be done.
    Music and miles .. in the rain.

    Bless you and the lasses left to carry on as normal. 'Whahay. Girly night - dad's away!' xx

    Tough as old boots you are. (For a Southerner, obviously).

    Thinking of you.

    And (in a brief man-hug way) I may buy you a small snifter tomorrow, if you play your virtual cards right.

  12. Oh ... and sorry ..
    Beth n Howard. Just stopped by your blog to say hello, but machine wouldn't allow it. So, just to say ... er, well, hello!

    Davy won't mind.

    Love and strength

    from the Leeds lad.


  13. Hear hear to that.

    And thanks Dickie.

    PS: You're right about the girly night thing.

  14. Thinking of you and the family. Mondo's words are very true.

    My Mum (85) is in hospital tomorrow for a lumpectomy! Although she doesn't act it, she is a tough old bird really so fingers crossed it, and the outcome, all goes well.

  15. Been there, done that. Now I'm doing the aging thing. I'm not in ageement. Beware... and enjoy the silence while it accompanies you and before it overtakes you.

  16. We're at that age now aren't we?

    Best wishes Davy.

  17. So sorry to hear this. Like many of your readers I've been through similar circumstances so you can be sure we all know what you're going through and we're all here for you. Hope it all works out.



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