Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Reggae # 31

Rush I some booze.

Tappa Zukie - 'Rush I Some Dub' (1976)


  1. Evening Mr H. What a week.

    Down your wayfor three days, lovely view of the Westway from my hotel room!
    Max's birthday party tomorrow, oh joy!

    I'll get them in, what do you fancy?

  2. Ah yes. Reminds me of being in Sobers Bar, Barbados with a few friends and a bottle of Mount Gay rum, as the sun went down over Speightstown.

    (See, go on, be honest; you thought I never saw beyond the bottom of the old shed dint ya?)

  3. Quite partial to Mount Gay, Dickie. But I once got a bottle of Angostura 1919 for a present but alas I had to sip it under leaden Scottish skies, not the Caribbean, still it went down a treat, neat like.

  4. I believe the sense of relief and happiness to be back home I felt last night may have resulted in my over-indulging. That said, I have broken the back of the first glass of Pinot - it is Friday, after all.

    Will it be West London again anytime Drew? I know many convivial taverns thereabouts...

  5. Back down on the 16th Nov until the Friday. It would need to be a hell of a lot cheaper than the bar in the Novotel, £4:50 for a 25 ml of gin and then your mixer on top! (there I go again reinforcing national stereotypes.

    Anyone watching the Creation Story tonight?

  6. Polishing my winklepickers as we speak.

  7. Or will it be "The World According to the Ginger gobshite". Did you know he spent all that money on MBV as a joke?

  8. I thought signing Oasis was the joke

  9. think you called it well Drew. McGee at his worst. He doesn't wear a hat well neither. He seems to think he invented rave also.

    Kinda cringworthy stuff when compared to the Neil Young stuff of the previous week.

    Hake and clams in green sauce saved the night though

  10. Too much Oasis and not enough Slowdive, if you ask me - which I accept you didn't.


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