Friday, February 17, 2012

Yeah Baby

A last minute rally against listlessness then, today - at least on the part of me and the smallest daughter as we pootled up to Notting Hill Gate to rummage about in Portobello Road boxes of trinkets (she) and records (me); we neither of us uncovered any lost gems, but there was fun in the looking and isn't there always? Also we spent the whole way up and back doing our silly voices and Pixar movie quotes to each other and having cuddles, so that was nice.

I'm not sure what else we were looking for, to be honest, but we each felt sure we'd have known it had we seen it.

I suppose I was in the mood for something like this, lost and cheap on a 45, but that doesn't really happen except in dreams does it? And especially not in Notting Hill Gate.

Massive acknowledgements to Mr Rob Ryan via Dusty Sevens who first unearthed it - this isn't his rip, but it's him I owe entirely for hearing it and my only contribution here is finding a versh uploaded a bit louder. And it's for you if you missed it.

I'm kicking Friday off with a Fursty Ferret and it's slipping down quite nicely, ta.

Windy City - 'We Party Heavy Up In Heah' (1975)


  1. Evening Mr H,

    I like that.

    Boe Gin and tonic for me tonight, may also have a Guinness original.

    Have a good weekend

  2. Nice.

    Same label has Barbara Hall - Drop My Heart Off At The Door - killer deep soul.
    Big hitter soul circle names all over the credits on this one.

    Never been that keen on the Ferret. Just polished off a Thwaites Wainwright - one I keep going back too.

  3. 'Just polished off the Thwaite's Wainwright'? Sounds like you completed a Cumbrian hike there Darce. Recommend Kendal mint cake and a sit down.

  4. "Exquisitely Lovely" it says on the bottle, and it is.

    And now for something completely different... a Dark Lord.

  5. he's the king of that sort of thing is mister rob. that and cutting out and being the "most romantic man in britain". he's a gem all round really he is. it's my shoddy converting what made that quiet in the first place so ta for a loud one dear.
    i've not rummaged portabello for years. hardly since i worked it so many years. i miss it and can't imagine going back in equal measure. smallest daughters must be handy for breaking those kind of barriers. and they sound like they make journeys home things to treasure forever

  6. Dads and daughters Ms A, you know the score.

    And thank you for introducing the rest of us to Mr R and his records x

  7. PS Darce: the Barbara Hall - phew

  8. I went with younger daughter to the little town ten minutes down the tracks blessed with a surfeit of charity shops, came back with a good trinity of books - something I've read and loved but didn't have a copy of, something I've been meaning to read for ages, and something I'd never heard of until the moment I saw it.

    The latter was 'Dr Magnus Pyke Predicts The Future' - a short tome from 1980 imaging the world of 2030. I like it so far because he keeps saying "Of course this is what the gadget fans think but you know, I reckon we'll be sleeping/eating/washing/cooking... pretty much as we are now as it all seems to work pretty well'.

    Girly picked up the usual assortment of soft toys, broaches and bangles along with a photo of her holding an owl thanks to the man from the local cracking owl sanctuary, which made her year.

  9. Other side of the Barbara Hall is a nice shuffler too. This got a UK release, bet there aren't many around

    New veri thingy gives me Jahn nceeni - the next Chelsea manager?

  10. i take it your watching BBC 4 right now? sat evenng, 8,20

  11. 'Sinatra Sings' ! Thank you anto, I will iPlayer it, for sure.