Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oceans Apart

You start out thinking this is all arch schmaltziness, an Andrews Sisters song from the 30s covered in the year the counter-culture turned toxic, but then you listen to the longing in that voice, remember the unrequited love 'Mama' Cass Elliot, aka Ellen Naomi Cohen, had for 'Papa' Denny Doherty, and it really don't seem so camp at all, no sir.

Mama Cass - 'I Can Dream, Can't I?' (1969)


  1. Great track. Man, Cass Elliot was the bees' knees wasn't she? A great singer and an amazing interpreter of songs. I ordinarily think of Sinead O. as being the best in that area (in pop/rock) but I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that Cass is the one. Amazing stuff. Thanks again - I'm going to be playing this one most of the weekend!

  2. had me at those first desperate lines oh heaven's this is sooooo everything i adore and never heard before too... how did that happen?
    here's to unheard songs