Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Friday...Let's Not Dance

As temperatures dropped this week I found myself going all glacial with the music - frosty mornings seemed to call for "krautrock".

I got some Cluster from emusic - free, thanks to a 'tempt me back' offer.


I don't suppose you'll be able to 'throw any shapes' to this - except in an Eno-esque way, of course.

Cluster - 'Sowiesoso' (1976)


  1. Seconded! I always reach for Neu! Baltic Fleet, Boards of Canada - when the wind nips a bit and Ulrich Schnauss . Try this for a chilled winter

  2. Loverly Mr H.

    Word verf; wonic. Gin and wonic?

  3. Not dance, jesus what a miserable git you are!

    You get a wee bit of cold weather and you're all out of sorts. It's not even that cold!

    Bet you wear a simmit an all.

  4. I love you dearly but I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Gin and wonic SA: all woofers and wooziness I weckon.

    I seem to have overlooked that winter thang o' yours Mond, sorry about that, but I shall sure grab it later, ta.

    Supermarket curries again chez H. Spice spice baby.

  5. I've looked up 'simmit'. It's 'a man's vest' apparently. Never worn one in me life* - live South, sleep naked.

    *OK, well maybe when I was five and my mum made me.

    (She used to try to make my Dad wear one too. She used to say 'Paul Newman wears one' but he wasn't having it).

  6. Ahh London - the land of negative equity and stab-wounds.

    Been to the 1st match of the Super League Season tonight. ('Summer Rugby' - marvellous). Tetleys/Hot Chocolate/Tetleys alternation. I wore a pair of old military issue long johns from 1979. Struggled with the 34" waist, but prudent wardrobe measures beget these times of austerity. A fetching bobble hat from the Aviemore ski champs of 1981 left me looking and feeling like a doughty Millets catalogue man.

    Hope you've been following Capt Scott's Diaries over where we Pretend Life Is Like A Song. Proof that both daft and brave are 2 of a British explorer's finest attributes.

  7. Great Britain lies buried in a dusting of snow yet again. Civilisation nearly shut down once agaom. And no word from Davy all weekend while the BBC keeps finding pictures of idiots who drove off the roadway into trees. It's been awhile since I've seen so many trees... standing sturdy as Brits do against unwelcome intrusion. Davy, it is all your fault! It is punishment for you not dancing on Friday. Drew warned you. May you remember. And cheers on.


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