Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keep On Marchin'

Posthumous albums, rum affairs: the coughed-up aural fur balls of record company fat cats, mostly.

Since I picked it up gratis a while back I've thought there were two, maybe three, half-decent songs on Dream Of A Lifetime, and one very good one ('Its Madness') but this has got a hold of me in the last few days, multiple 'movements', Lord's Prayer lyrics and all.

Oh, Marvin. 

Marvin Gaye - 'Life's Opera' (written 1972, recorded 1976, released 1985)

[a davyh vinyl rip]


  1. I enjoyed that, hadn't heard it before. Nothing containing Marvin's voice could be that bad anyway. He could have Wannabe sound good.

  2. I can see why - it's got a real sweep to it. thank you x

    (also Drew made me laugh)

  3. I like a real sweep.

    Dick Van Dyke, for example - Chim Chiminee x

  4. strange things aren't these compilation postscripts. but hugely preferable to the foulness of extra tracks on cds. it's another of the reasons i never bought any. well alright about 5. i'd do many dreadful things for a copy of that symphony track off of the let's get it on extra songs. lordy it's a beautiful thing