Monday, August 20, 2012

Gone West (Reprise)

We have gone again for a week to the place of sheela-na-gigs and old stone, where in the night-time garden you can hear only owls*

And there shall be quiet pints in ancient inns, a walk up Ham Hill; trips to the Jurassic Coast; and maybe a slap-up lunch at the Hive Beach Cafe.

Hugs. Will send some Twitter postcards.

Kings Of Convenience - 'Summer On The Westhill' (2001)

*but see the International Space Station pass at 21:18 on Monday, we hope


  1. We're just back from the Cotswolds and Shropshire way. I must have mentioned this previously - but Golden Cap is where the opening titles for Reggie Perring were filmed..

    And The George in West Bay used to do a great shark dish, but this was 11 years back when we last went.

    The Anchor Inn Sea Town is highly recommended also for views, booze and food

  2. Top tips from Mondo Travel there, as ever

  3. International Space Station eh. You'll be stood there ages in the rain, and then 2 of em will come along.

    While-you-wait-quiz for the girls: How many different kinds of owls can you name?

    Barn Owl, Snowy owl, etc

    When they run out of owl ideas, say to them 'Teat'.

  4. We're up to seven but we've had to break off to play pool.

  5. So, say 'Teat'.

    They quizzically say, 'Teat owls'

    Tea towels. See. They'll just love it. Trust me.

  6. Dickie, the mirth was unending (eldest has sworn never to talk to me again)

  7. Happy to help, davy.
    Family Entertainment. Free, yet Priceless.


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