Friday, August 17, 2012

Never Mind The Balearics

We're off to Zummerzet next week. Ooh-arr.

Meanwhile here in London it's 28C and blissfully sunny so I've stocked up on the rosado and some ready-made tapas for the workshy and we're going to make believe we're in Ibeefa.

Here's a tune I put on every vaguely-Balearic/chilled tape or CD I made for at least a five year period in the early, must we call them, 'Noughties' (usually somewhere in the middle between the uptempo things at the start and the ambienty things at the end)


Banda Sonora - 'Guitarra G' (2001)


  1. Although on a tape or cd I'd often go for a slower, more ambient start and build up to the uptempo stuff.

  2. Ah yes, but these were all sunset sets, innit

  3. Mmm. Depends what time you start I suppose.

  4. Exactly. I do approve of the slow build to mayhem mix, too.

  5. Slow build to mayhem sounds good.


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