Friday, August 03, 2012

"My News"

by davyh aged 47 and 3 days

This week was still holiday but we are at home. There was Olympics and we went to see the cycling because it was up our road and the others went to the real olympics but i didn't but i went to see bradley wiggins who is a mod which is a man with sideburns who likes the style council. he was very good and he won and i saw him pass me and then in the pub on the tv and people cherred very loud. before that on tuesday it was my birthday and i had cake and also a curry and i got three records which were by frank ocean which is very very good and a record of music from brazil in the 1970's and some madonna because i used to have it on a cassette but now i havent. i did not write anything on my blog because i did not have any ideers th end

Jimmy Cliff - 'The News' (1975)


  1. Sounds like a good birthday week Davy, big love from me xx

  2. my that's good livin' sunshine... takes years of learning to get the hang of it like that. the very best of belateds to you dear pal

  3. Belated happy birthday

    authentication code wrinkly 47 (not)

  4. Well done davy. You certainly have been busy, haven't you? Do take care with your use of capital letters and full stops. Thus avoiding what are known as 'allyisms'.

    Curry and cake can often cause - what doctors call - 'the shits'.

    Uncle dickie is having an early night with Jessica Ennis and a bottle of baby oil.

  5. Happy Birthday, Davy. Thanks for continuing to bring your unique brand of good vibes to the world.

  6. Accept some more Happy Birthday wishes. Cheers!

  7. Happy Birthday and wishing you a grand year x


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