Monday, August 13, 2012

Quality Sounds For Under A Pound (Again)

There's always one song that jumps out at me from all of the rest. D.J Mr Rob Ryan this time 'brought the wrong box' but let me tell you that even Mr Rob Ryan's wrong box is the kind of box the rest of us'd kill for. Nevertheless That Tune didn't come from him this time, despite even lovelinesses like this. It came from our very own Ms Ally, and it was this.

Roberta Flack - 'Compared To What' (1969)

Thanks to all the seasoned 99p Soulers who made this newbie feel so welcome, again. And to think, I've still got the free CD to enjoy...x


  1. Shoot, this is awesome. Thanks. ('Tired old ladies are kissing dogs' - amazing!)

  2. I know! And I'd never heard it before, I'm ashamed to admit.

  3. @davyh. Still completely digging this track (esp. through headphones - everything's just beautifully placed). Thanks again. Apparently Compared To What is used quite prominently in Boogie Nights (1997), notwithstanding that it's not on *either* Soundtrack CD (Music from Boogie Nights, More Music From Boogie Nights).

  4. She knows a tune, that Ms Ally

  5. Finally got round to giving this the time it deserved. And HOW.



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