Friday, November 30, 2012

Yeah Baby

 A race of angels
Bound with one another
A dish of dollars
Laid out for all to see
A tower room at Eden Rock
His golf at noon for free
Brooklyn owes the charmer
Under me

His lady's aching
To bring a body down
She daily preaches
On where she wants to be
An evening with a movie queen
A face we all have seen
Brooklyn owes the charmer
Under me

A case of aces
Done up loose for dealing
A piece of island cooling in the sea
The whole of time we gain or lose
And power enough to choose
Brooklyn owes the charmer
Under me

Steely Dan - 'Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)' (1972)



  1. The end of another taxing week Mr H. I suspect you would have been in your element in all those soft skills pish workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Would love to join you in a beverage, however I am attending a concert by that popular beat combo The Raveonettes this evening and need to drive, so I will content myself with an Irn Bru, full fat of course.

    Have a good one.

    May pop in for a night cap as it won't be a late one tonight.

  2. they're a mystery to me your dan. or is it your steelies. i told you they were a mystery. them words read nice though. i shall be digging deeper. well having a small listen. taking it easy this evening in preperation for tomorrows dancing

  3. New strapline for the executive personal development trainer's business card ..
    "Davy and his Soft Skills Pish".

    drew has the emotional intelligence of a rabid scorpion and may have failed to embrace the Luton TravelTavern's fluffy pink slippers Mr Barraclough brigade.

    Sherry eh. Oof! QC? First time I ever puked on alcohol was in 1974 following the best part of a bottle of Bristol Cream and half a fruit Cake. I was 12 and had been thrashing around to Queen Live At The Rainbow on the BBC. I was still finding currants in the shaggy bedside rug the following June.

  4. I'm off it tonight - after a skinful last night. But off out to spin some tunes too. I've an update on that pic for you from our jaunt backawhiles - DUMBO as it's known

  5. Less sleazy in the Mond pic, eh? Every place gets cleaned up in the end. Probably.

    I've just registered Soft Skills Pish on the internets Dickie. This time next year we could be milweonaires.

    BTW thanks for the sherry story. Like you I cannot abide the stuff, at least in comfy cosy kept in the cupboard for years at room temp for the vicar Britmidclass rubbishness.

    Once though, in Southern Spain, I had a proper, cold, very small fino in a humble tapas bar full of wizzened old locals, and it were splendid.

    "Sherry?" "Sherry" x

  6. PS: Ms A - The Dan: literate, sarky, sparky, hard-boiled/romantic with jazz props to boot, but the Indie/Mod Police forbade me to listen for years.


  8. Oh Glo - my how you glow.
    May I say that you are looking particularly resplendant this evening. Why, is that rouge on your cheeks or the healthy pink nip of a spirited Jack Frost?

    And, pray tell, am I right in thinking, that you consider anyone who asks for their sherry to be chilled is considered a cunt?

  9. Too late for a drink?

    Probably down south but up here we have civilised drinking hours, pubs open to 1 am apart from a Sat night, 11:45, well it wouldn't be right drinking into the sabbath, would it?

    Raveonettes particularly good tonight, guest appearance by James Allen of Glasvegas, ok. Sharin looking extremely lovely.

    Managed to give a red neck to niece's boyfriend when I noticed him and went up to say hello, not that cool when at the same gig as bird's elderly uncle.

    BTW Mr H, who came up with Soft Skills Pish? There could be a falling out in the offing.

    And with that I'll say good night and get back to my northern tunes.

  10. One of my fave Dan tunes. Well chosen. Nice pic of Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass... a cool neighborhood but you find yourself yelling every 5 minutes when the subway goes by overhead.

    Have to keep the weekend nights under control b/c the little one wakes between 6 and 7 and I'm on call. But you never know...

  11. What are Soft Skills? Liked the tune, so have absolutely not downloaded it.

  12. Right George ; )

    It's The Dan at their best, isn't it Emmett.

  13. The Dan at their best, yes.. although I would say it is not difficult to choose a strong track from their 70s albums. I grew up loving them and always go back to them.

    PS: Ms A - what he said further up. You really must explore.

  14. Great track, thanks! (reminds me a bit of Hall and Oates, and suggests that H&O has S.Dan as an influence). Is the photo from Leone's Once Upon a Time in America or is that NYC/Brooklyn Bridge looking naturally just how it does in the movies?

  15. Woops, I see that Emmet has already nailed this as the Manhattan Bridge, hence it's definitely not OUTIA. Never mind.

  16. Not sure the Indie/Mod Police didn't have a point there dear boy!


  17. No, they really didn't. I am glad to be free of them.

  18. They're only there for your protection, sir!


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