Friday, November 23, 2012

Yeah Baby

A BBC connection here too: this has been playing on trailers for The Hour.

Drove me crazy trying to remember what it was.

Bass and drum loop from Brubeck's 'Take Five', vocal sample from Marlena Shaw's 'Woman Of The Ghetto' live at the Montreux jazz festival; blouse model's own.


St. Germain - 'Rose Rouge' (2000)


  1. Ecky thump, you're sure putting the research hours in this week, Davide. (Done any work?)
    Hope things are steady away in the South West - and the storms clouds have settled.

    Had a couple of those 'Spicy' Rums which seem to be in fashion these days. Pleasant change from the vodka/red bull market.

    On a separate tack, I met this chap this afty at an awards ceremony. What a fucking inspiration he is.

    Have a great weekend folks.

  2. I thought about posting this after catching it on the trailer. Do you have the Boulevard series by Monsieur Navarre, tres bon.

    What you having Dickie, my shout. Pay day and couidn't come around too soon left myself a little short this month after purchasing two must have sevens, more of which tomorrow.

    Gloria, I'll have an OVD with ice and a pony of something, pint of London Pride for Mr H and what ever Dickie fancies.

  3. Oh - I'll try that there OVD if I may be so bold. I'll try anything once. Aint that right Gloria?
    Er .. what's a 'pony' drew? Glad you made it through the tough week drew. Shame about you and The Fall after all these years.

    Davide's been down the BBC Radiophonic Workshop all week. Ardent aficionado is that lad.

  4. an afternoon breaking fence panels in the hot sun. aldi bourbon and stella chaser.

  5. A pony is an illegal pub measure of beer, less than a half pint, a half glass filled.

    The MES thing was bound to happen, he's been taking the piss for years now. What really gets on my nerves are the apologists for him, "that's what you get with the Fall"

    Gloria, another round here and one of those confederate whiskey's for Ally.

  6. PS: I have not the faintest idea what an OVD is

  7. It's not feckin whiskies when I am talking about a single shot not multiple bottles!

  8. OVD: it's a dark rum from Guyana. Bless him. I think we can forgive the odd apostrophic error.

  9. I've just polished a few bottles of Deuchars IPA, what I discovered in Edinburgh a year or 2 back. Lovely.

  10. Another Peggy moment... St. Germain Tourist I thought to myself just this week, where have I put that CD? With all this talk on Beeb4 about vinyl and what was your first single I remember where I first heard Tourist - Durdle Door campsite in the cafe/bar thingy. Thought it was great and had to ask the (very attractive) girl behind the bar what it was.

  11. That'll be Glo in her heyday, Darce.

  12. Just got around to listening to the track- which I really like. Why did I miss St Germain at the time? Do not know.

    IT had a great time thanks for asking.


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