Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Than Enough To Last

So, yes there's all that. And all the usual too - 'now featuring dark mornings'.

A breather, a mug of tea, some Marvin and Tammi?

Oh I think so, don't you?

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - 'What You Gave Me' (1969)


  1. Excellent track. And didn't she have a tragic life?

  2. Very sadly George, yes. But the joy in her singing...! Listening to this and some of her other things with Marvin yesterday, I was so *lifted*.

  3. Loved the stuff they did together. They were meant to be a duo just like the Krankies.

  4. Saw my first robin red breast in the garden this morning whilst listening to this.

    Maybe see you down the bar later? Vince St Clair Disco is on for Children In Need. Gloria's 'selling' snogs for a pound.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh Glo'
      I'm the only one you play hard to get with.

      And don't be eating pickled eggs and smoking woodbines before it's my turn.

  6. Oh, Tammi.

    Apparently a lot of her vocals on their later duets were actually sung by Valerie Simpson because Tammi was too sick. I think 'The Onion Song' is one of them, I'm sure some Motown anorak can put me straight on that.

  7. Yes. In David Ritz's 'Divided Soul' Marvin is quoted as saying that Valerie could sing so like Tammi, even he couldn't tell which of the two was singing on some songs many years later.


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