Friday, November 16, 2012

The Smiling Hour

A davyh vinyl rip.


Peggy Lee - 'Alright, Okay, You Win' (1962)


  1. Have been listening to some Peggy Lee recently sparked by hearing "You're My Thrill". On the look out for her albums in the chazzas and the boots now.

  2. she's a mystery to me shockingly.well not that shockingly most about everything is a mystery to me. where should one start?
    germed up here but i really fancy a drop of something. not left the house for couple of days and there's only a dribble of red and some tequila in the back of the cupboard. rats.

  3. There's always bloody Tequila isn't there? We've two in ours. Probably bought in optimistic summers with margarita mixes long since quaffed.

    I'm no Peg expert a. - this is from an EMI Best Of I bought in the Record Tape & Video Exchange (as was) in Notting Hill Gate in the late 80s. Chazzas and boots, as Darce says.

  4. Quiet tonight Mr H. Can't abide Tequila in any form, no matter how it's disguised.

    I'll have a Cuba Libre Gloria and make it a large one, glosing the front door tomorrow, best done with a hangover.

    I think my favourite Peggy Lee track apart from the obvious one which lets face it it pretty damn brilliant, must be Is That All There Is? Which I have heard Lynn mutter or words to that effect on more than a couple of occasions.

  5. Phew .. just made it. Last orders is it.
    Strangely enough, just been to Pudsey - a place in Leeds named after a large yellow bear. 3 pints of Terrier ale have set me up nicely. Tequila is for lying down and avoiding. No offence to any Mexicans tuning in, but it tastes like dragon piss.

    Am still recovering from yesterday's 16 hour day as a Presiding Officer in the historical/hysterical PCC elections. 150 people voted out of 3,500 in my particular neck of the woods. Kept the Polling Clerks busy with all manner of quizzes. Lyric-based music questions kept em entertained.

    I first heard Peggy Lee's song 'Is That All There Is' on ally's compilation tape 'A Dingy Pub Selection' many moons ago. She's some broad. (Well, they both are).

    Righto, gotta go. Am gonna tackle Gloria head on with a five pound note... And she can keep the change!


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