Thursday, December 13, 2012


I mentioned on that Twitter recently that Ian McCulloch's 'Candleland' is one of those 'kind of sparkly-seasonal without being too Christmassy, too early' records, and so is this (not just because of the title).

Both tracks of course feature former Cocteaus (Liz Fraser with Mac) - well, you could always expect some, er, spangle-making from them.

I shall be off out for sort of a 'works' do tonight - deep breath.

Robin Guthrie - 'Sparkle' (2009)


  1. You out yourself again the Davy?

  2. It was freezing in Luton yesterday, it was quite mild up here today in comparison. Have a good one and have a pint of LP for me.

  3. it's chilly out- wrap up warm. Hope you don't lose your coat and scarf.

  4. So here I am back, by half ten, very sensibly, with coat and scarf, and it's all been very nice, all very mature. Am having toast and a coffee and shall noodle on the internets.

    I know.

  5. This song makes a good elixir.


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