Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best Song Wasn't The Single

This was my (new) Track Of The Year, in case anyone wondered. Terrific album, Channel Orange.

I also very much liked the lilting loveliness of the Lightships record, which sadly seems to have gone unheralded in all of those trendy end of year lists.

The Gregory Porter album had some absolutely beautiful things on it, like this...

...though I'm not sure that on the whole I liked it better than Water.

We loved Damon's Dr Dee at ENO, and it was splendid to meet yer man at the stage door after: there are two or three songs on the record I think are amongst the best stuff he's ever done. In the year of  'Under The Westway' and, oh yes, 'Poison' that was quite a thing.

I hope to see Bear's Den again in 2013 - as I felt the strange urge to scribble on Last FM,  I am in general too old and jaded to be easily impressed by acoustic guitar/ banjo-wielding beardy twentysomethings from the Home Counties, but these lads have talent and I think I *heart* them.

Their potato-printed EP had at least two of my favourite songs of the year on it ('Pompeii' and 'Stubborn Beast').

I liked the Chromatics cover of 'Ceremony' so much (thanks chocolategirl64) I'm going to investigate their album. And the Donald Fagen single swung, sorry Dan haterz.

As ever though, so much more of the music that was new to me in 2012 was, actually, old.

Thank you ally and Rob '99p Soul' Ryan, Darcy and Drew in particular for keeping my soul fires burning this year; Swiss Adam for, amongst much else, the heads-up on Michael Rother's 'Flammende Herzen' (wow - and I've still got to get some La Dusseldorf!); and all of you for your quips, tips and bloggy lurve.

Happy New Year x


  1. You've totes well learnt me stuff over the year, innit.
    Never heard of half of these as I don't get out much. That Lightships song warms n jangles the cockles of this crusty old heart.
    I did see Gregory Porter at Leeds Town Hall recently though. He's a natural talent .. but he seems to wear that bearhunters hat all the time - even in the bath I'd suspect.

    Let's stay healthy in the year to come.

    Thanks for everything, me old soft southern chutney ferret.

  2. Thank you Dickie - and would you accept the Commenter Of The Year Award as a small token? Sorry we couldn't quite hook up in Leeds in t'summer.

    The Lightships album is ALL that good - gerrit!

  3. I will have to listen to Frank Ocean again, he didn't grab me first time around.

    Just spent the last 3 hours listening to soul on 7" exclusively and have come to the conclusion that I need to sneak another deck and mixer into the dining room as this 20 second silence when changing records just will not do.

    I had a dream or premonition the other night that we were sitting in my favourite boozer getting drunk and talking bollocks. I think next year you will have to get some "soft skills pish" work north of the border or get up here for a short break.

    As Dickie says health and happiness to you and yours for the year ahead.

  4. Just supping a Wainwright's golden ale while contemplating the night ahead.
    Dickie is definitely commenter of the year. Again. Three years running and he gets to keep the trophy.

    I've been thinking about a second turntable in the front room- or possibly a second vinyl set up in the back room. Near my new reading corner I've sneakily created.

    Have a good one Davy, thanks for providing the virtual place for us all to hang out and talk bollocks. Its always most entertaining. And often better than my real life friends.

    Sad that innit?

  5. Happy Noo Year to you, too, old boy. Here's to a glass or two in '13.


  6. so we're still here you me and all that lovely lot. well done us. there'll be a sparkler writing waved in our honour in not long at all. i think we might be going with moscow time

  7. Started off with a sherry, then a red or two with (posh) bangers and mash for dinner now onto the Tavern Porter. Mrs Darce currently contemplating a zambuca! All of them raised to you and yours Happy New Year.

    Drew: A second turntable to eradicate the 20 second silence? Yes, I need to do that.

    Swiss Adam: another vinyl set up in the lounge - yes I need to do that too!


  9. The Chromatics album is fab.

    Happy new yaaar me old ducks.

  10. You too old fruit - I shall get that Chromatics forthwith, then.

    Careful with that zambuca Mrs D.

    Bless you Anon x

  11. This song: Gregory Porter - On My Way To Harlem is fucking brilliant! thank you so much for all the wonderful music over the years.

  12. Thanks Anon - I had a Wow moment when I first heard it on the album.


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