Friday, December 07, 2012

The Smiling Hour

OK, I couldn't resist.

Brubeck is more than worthy of two posts this week, and this superb, live, extra-long 'Take Five' from French TV will get our Smiling Hour off with un swing.

Pint and a whisky chaser please Glo *croak* - it's a parky night and I've a pesky lurgy to shift.


  1. No please, I don't need your sympathy

  2. We can be miserable together Mr H, well as miserable as you can be with such groovy music.

    Can I have a rum and green ginger and a pony of London Pride and get Davy the same, please Gloria.

    Quiet in here, do you think we are being given a wide birth?

  3. Funny you mention that cos I just went out front to put something in the bin and there's a massive black cross painted across me door.

  4. Alright chaps. I'll have a drink. And then a few more please. Just don't either of you give me any lurgy.

  5. i'm on the wagon. gawd it's horrid. i'll have a fizzy water please. and some crisps. but hold the germs

  6. Wrong time of the year to go on the wagon Ally, all of those amateur drinkers who don't know bar room etiquette will get doubly on your nerves sober.

  7. Room .. attention! Hands off cocks. On with socks.
    Brandy and fat boy coke please. Sorry I'm late. Been to a huge shopping centre called Meadowhall - on the M1, just outside Pergatory. (I was a bad fucker in a previous life).

    Sorry to hear that mummy's little soldier has a lickle cold. When I was a kid, if I had a bad throat, I was given a Hall's soother to suck on. (My uncle Stu kept them in his trousers).

  8. I liked to suck on a Fisherman's Friend - ho ho ho.

    I have in fact just had a pint and a whiskey chaser (Bellhaven and Glenfiddich).


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