Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I'm off to Devon for a couple of days, taking the girls to see their grandma, who will turn 90 on Christmas Eve, and hopefully their grandad, who's just been transferred to a care home, in a not entirely trauma-free fashion. It won't be easy - it even looks like we'll be driving into filthy weather.

Should be back Friday, though probably a little late for all the usual mallarkey here x

Saint Etienne - 'Driving Home For Christmas' (1995)


  1. All the best to the parents Davy. I hope you have a good time. Drive safe.
    I will be driving home from Manchester this afternoon and it's not looking any better going north.

  2. Yes indeed - I'll echo echo that.
    No sleep til Ilchester.
    Much love, respect, windscreen washer liquid, and marshmallows.

  3. Thanks chaps. Windscreen washer fluid! Dickie, that is a genuinely useful reminder, ta.

  4. I'm metaphorically saluting you as you pull off the drive.

    Top-up Tone

  5. Safe travels, may things go as well as they can x

  6. Like ships that pass in the night..I'm leaving for Scotland tomorrow. Drive safely Mr H, precious cargo and all that, and I will do the same. Washer Fluid..brilliant ! Thats the reason I drop by here..great music, lovely writing, cosy atmosphere..and Woman's Own type tips.

    Very best wishes to you and to all.

    Have a warm, safe and happy Christmas


  7. That's nothing, I have a 12-hour drive to North Carolina on Sunday. With two kids in the back!

    Merry Crimbo everyone.

  8. Hope you got back ok. Weather seems to have been particularly nasty down the south-west.

  9. Yes indeed.
    Keep rowing home for Christmas my loves.

  10. Thanks - a good run back, avoiding the traffic, ahead of the floods and singing along to Bing on the radio. Thanks for your good wishes folks - deep breath Lee. And Merry Christmas Millie - don't be a stranger x


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