Friday, December 28, 2012

The Chill

No, I really don't want anything more to eat or drink alright maybe just a crusty roll and, oh gone on then, that Guinness in the fridge isn't going to quaff itself.

Dot Allison - 'I Wanna Feel The Chill' (1999)


  1. What's up with Mediafire saying 'Permission Denied' on this and the previous music link.

  2. Ah, seems since I last used it regularly here Mediafire has introduced an in-built 'File is copyright and cannot be shared' thingy. Have re-upped to Google Drive. Will be back to in Jan.

  3. I have to go out tonight. My mate has a pass and a baby sitter which is a very rare thing, so I will be out for a few and I do mean a few as off to see Airdrie getting gubbed again tomorrow.

    Dickie has been quiet over the past week. Hope his shed hasn't caved in or blown away or something.

    Dot Allison is lovely, isn't she?

  4. She is. Rather you than me with your off out ness, I'm all cheese and pickle sarnies and plonk now. Dickie finds it hard to pop in frequently at this time of year - it's panto season, two shows a day with matinees.

    Oh yes there are.

  5. Oh no - they're fuckin not!

    Set em up again Flo.

    Shed leaking like the Airdrie defence, drew - so went for a 5 night break in Sherwood Forest.
    Waffer thin mint? Ate and drank my own bodyweight in some kind of sponsored gorge. Tried to radio in to you boys on Christmas day, but wildlife had chewed the cable.

    Nice place right enough. 10 of us on the lash: Bit of Ludo (sponsored by Jagermeister), Quizzes, Carols, inappropriate pillage, archery, Aqua Zumba, 10 pin bowling dressed as zoo animals; usual kind of thing.

    Goosed now though. Kahlua and milk for me and am away to (my own) scratcher.

  6. Splashing around like a complete twat, davy. It won't catch on.


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