Monday, March 18, 2013

Delta Blues

I took a Greyhound bus down by the Mississippi Delta twenty six years ago this Spring.

It was pretty wet there, I recall. 

I kept a journal... 

Sunday 22nd Feb

Managed to sleep pretty well on the bus and woke to grey deluge – in Bay St Louis, running parallel to the Mississippi River through torrential rain and along a road itself flooded several inches deep, spray flung up the sides of the coach, palm trees in murk and monsoon. 

...made New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras.


Dreamt of all this last night, in drizzly London.

Had been listening to Dr. John.

Dr. John And The Lower 911 - 'Wade: Hurricane Suite - Calm In The Storm' (2006) 

(Ellingtonian, this)


  1. 'Escape from bloody reality, more like'

  2. Meanwhile it's snowing up here again, for the 10th day on the trot, not lying tho'.

    You must have some good stories from that little adventure Mr H.

    As for Dr John, did you buy last year's album? It is rather good but bought too late to enter the best of the year stuff.

  3. No, I only have this lovely thing.

  4. Sounds great Davy. Didn't get Dr John's album from last year- kept meaning to and never got around to it. Gris Gris is the one- freaks me out sometimes.

  5. Snowed here again yesterday. And it's the first day of Spring today.

    Only ever took a Greyhound bus once (Orlando to Tampa), there were some strange people on there. One family looked like they were extras in 'Deliverance'

  6. Went coast to coast on the Greyhounds - chemical 'rest rooms' to the rear and violet night lights, restless sleeps. Met some lovely people with stories to tell - and yes, some nuts too.

  7. you get about don't you

    never been souther than memphis but'd sure like to. the desert would be a fine thing just now

  8. *Got* about, dear - it's all I can do to drag myself up Waitrose these days.


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