Friday, March 08, 2013

This Is Radio (Culture) Clash

Those Joe Strummer World Service programmes ally mentioned in comments last fortnight make great listening, and you might have seen me tweet a link to the original versions a few days back (the ones you can get on iTunes are later 'podcasts' with waffly reminiscences added).

I found this 2007 Don Letts fifth-anniversary-of-Joe's-death tribute show along with them, and packed as it is with classic roots reggae (as well as Strummer and Clash originals, covers and musical homages), I thought it'd make a top post here for tonight, our last Friday Reggae slot having been a while back. 

It's an hour long show - 48MB of file - so I've uploaded it to Mediafire to save my bandwidth for other stuff.

Grab it! You'll love it! (tracklisting in comments).

Don Letts - 'Culture Clash Radio Show (broadcast 22.12.07)'

Thanks to the original taper/uploader.

[btw if you're interested in the whole How Don Letts Met Punk Rockers Uptown thing, I can heartily recommend his book]


  1. The Radiators From Space - 'Joe Strummer'
    Toots & The Maytals - 'Pressure Drop'
    The 101ers - 'Keys To Your Heart'
    Prince Blanco - 'Davis Road Blues'
    The Clash - 'Complete Control'
    Prince Jazzbo - 'Meaning Of One'
    The Clash - '(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais'
    Dillinger - 'Cocaine'
    Leroy Smart - 'Ballistic Affair'
    Delroy Wilson - 'Cool Operator'
    Joe Strummer With The Latino Rockabilly War - 'Island Hopping'
    Manu Chao - 'Clandestino'
    Cowboy Mouse - 'Joe Strummer'
    Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace - 'Herb Vendor'
    B.A.D. - 'Dog In A Satellite (demo)'
    Tinariwen - ????
    LSK - 'Straight To Hell'

  2. There's not really anything there I don't know, but hey, lets have somebody else control the sounds for my journey home. And not many better than you and Mr Letts!

  3. heh, the 'prove you're not a robot' number was a stencilled 776, looking like it had come straight from a Clash boilersuit.

  4. You can download to pod from work?

  5. Smartphone, with pretty fast internet. Can listen on the phone then, and transfer to Pod later for safekeeping, also backing it up to my .

    I'm 21st Century me.

  6. Fuck, I have problems just making a phone call!

  7. These are good, much better without all the extra bits.

  8. Am struggling with the washing machine. Tried to get a box of powder, but it's all la-di-da soft southern .. Tablets/liqui-tabs/pouchy pyramids/self dissolving 3-in-one lavender and camomile water softening non-biological Crystal Rain gel infusions. Pah!

    Anyone fancy a pint?

  9. Just dusted off a Guinness Dickie, and I don't think it touched the sides. Having a poofy rosado now despite the rain, while the washing machine swashes la-di-da soft southern liqui-tabs and camomile round me keks.

    SA - if you download the Joe Shows from that site you'll see they've all got dates against them - they're all wrong and if this sort of thing matters to you like it does to me, you can get the correct dates and tracklists here, I found.

  10. Does anybody know what the Tinariwen track is called?

  11. Mmmm - I do find that 1st Guinness of the day takes longer to pull than it does to drink.

    And look, Messrs Proctor & Gamble - if I wanted my baggy undercrackers to smell of 'spring citrus and fresh cranberries' - I'd eat loads of em and then shit meself.

  12. I'll have a pint with you Dickie, no southern softie drinks or washing tabs here. Well actually we do use what ever is on special at whatever supermarket I have not taken umbridge at that week.

    I'm going out for a couple of pints later and I do mean a couple things to do in the morning and another gubbing of Airdrie to watch in the afternoon.

    Feeling rather pleased with myself as I seem to have got myself a copy of the extremely limited John Talabot remix of the XX.

  13. '....whatever supermarket I have not taken umbridge at that week' !!!

  14. I know Mr H, it should have been with not at.

  15. I'll have a pint. A few in fact. Fucking alternator's gone on the fucking car which will cost fucking hundred fucking quid or something.

    Washing powder is bizarre. I can stand in that aisle and not have a clue.

  16. You need a large hauf to go with that pint SA.

    Glo, do the necessary.

  17. Ta Drew. And Glo. Feeling better already.

    *drains glass*

  18. *buys SA another*

    Liquidy pouches boys, that's what you need

  19. Does anybody know what the Tinariwen track is called?

  20. Nope, 'fraid not. Heard a few things by them but never went any further.

  21. My google skills are strong master Yoda. The Tinariwen track is called: Matadjem Yinimixan.

    Thank you!

  22. Rispeck Smoni. You're through to bootcamp.

  23. It wasn't easy. I had to wade knee deep through the swampiest porn swamps to find that.


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