Friday, March 01, 2013

The Smiling Hour (Baby Elephant Patter)

Fats Waller & His Rhythm - 'Your Feet's Too Big' (1939)

A davyh gin-joint vinyl rip, for sure.


  1. Afternoon Mr H,

    I will have a large G&T, loads of ice and a slice of lime Glo and one for the landlord.

    I am just about to tackle the re-designing of the dining room. I decided to invest in a new expedit unit after SA's problems with the vinyl but it means moving loads of things about including the ikea cd tower things and all the vinyl.

  2. It will be fun but needs to be done tonight. Scooter riding tomorrow.

    It's Whuppity Scoorie tonight in Lanark -

  3. It means my sons get to run round the church whacking other people with balls made of newspaper and packing tape and then they come up the road and attack me with said lethal weapons

  4. Another gin for Drew please Glo

  5. Think I'll hold off for a bit- have a date later on with some local Dads (to discuss rugby, cars, house prices, etc. I think I visibly glaze over sometimes). Maybe there will be a band on.

    I have unresolved cd storage issues but I don't think they'll be getting tackled this weekend.

  6. 'Unresolved cd storage issues' lol.

  7. Is suspect the bird over at drew's place has oversize feet.
    Fats sure is barking aint he. And there was a War on at the time.
    Right. Boddingtons required. I need to purge the pantry for out of date provisions.

  8. Right then- pub. *steels self, leaves house*

  9. I've finished and have to say the dining room looks great now, we'll,I think so anyway. lLike SA I still have some unresolved storage issues but vinyl not cd.

    DVD, not sure how Si knows the size of her feet.


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