Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Christmas Yer Arse

I work alone dahlink, so I do not get an 'office party'. Instead I usually get together with a couple of old muckers who also now work for themselves for 'the office Christmas party for people without offices'. This is much better than those 'team' lunches used to be, mostly because the jollity is genuine rather than forced, no-one makes you go back to work afterwards and you don't have to spend two hours in the not-so-thrilling company of Philip from Bought Ledger (bless him).

I'm off to this 'event' today: it'll start in a swanky West End restaurant and end up in a boozer and that's just how it should be. Then tonight I'm trolling down to Brixton to see The Pogues. Ha! Sweet sherries all round then - and Nurofen and Lemsip tomorrow I shouldn't wonder.

So the obvious thing to post at this point would be that song, but I'm not going to because I figure a) most of you will already have it b) those of you who haven't but want it should go buy it because apparently it may prevent the thoroughly rubbish Leon Jackson (who unlike some previous winners of the X Factor cannot even sing in tune) from becoming the UK Christmas Number One. It was riding high on downloads alone, has just been reissued and is probably more likely to do the 'block' job than Malcolm Middleton; and at least it's a proper Christmas record.

So, for the craic instead..

The Pogues - 'Sally MacLennane' (1985)

Sigh. Wish me luck companeros and I'll (hopefully) meet you here tomorrow, but please, nothing too loud then.


  1. Hey mate - by the time you read this, you'll have headache the size of Chad.

    I saw them at Nottingham last weekend and have ne'er seen such a large percentage of the audience unable to stand. The shambolic genius that is Shane was propped up most of the time - and the band lost patience with him far more than the throng.

    I bet your clothes ar soaked in beer.

  2. Aha! I am here and fit as an Irish fiddle - I ducked the showers of beer and kept out of the mosh-pit as befits a gentleman of advancing years. Shane surprisingly and pleasingly upright, looking positively cool in a long leather coat and shades and singing better than I've heard him for quite some time. Not a dry eye in the house when 'Fairytale' ended with snow falling from the rafters and the inevitable, sad dedication to Kirsty. Tremendous.

  3. You've both seen them. I never have. I hate you both (in a friendly way, you realise).
    Who sang the female lead in 'Fairytale', then? the lovely Katie Melua?

  4. A young lady (whose name I did not catch) in a scarlet dress who took on the task splendidly and even partook in the traditional on-stage waltz with Shane during the instrumental bit at the end of the song, as the heavy fake snow fell.

  5. Twas Jen Finer's daughter methinks with uncle Shane.

    Ironic with all that BBC "faggot" controversy that the song was originally kept off the no 1 slot by "2 queens and a drum machine".


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