Friday, December 21, 2007

Let Me Feel Happy Just One More Time

It's the last Friday before Christmas and I think we deserve a little dance tonight don't you? And here's the weirdest thing; something made me want to post Kim Weston and I went to look her up and I found it was her birthday yesterday too. Shpooky.

Is she the best least-famous Motown diva ever and is 'Take Me In Your Arms' the greatest Motown single Joe Public has never heard?

Yes, very possibly! Now turn these up loud, get off your harris and get out on that floor!

Kim Weston - 'Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)' (1965)

Kim Weston - 'Helpless' (1966)


  1. I'll raise a glass to ya Davy! Cheers!

  2. So, pucker up, big boy...


    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008!


    PS, Yes, I am on my second large glass of red wine this evening...

  3. Aha! Third glass of white right here (er...and I had a coupla pints in the pub earlier as naturally 'you're my best mate and I love you and I've always loved you and you're my best mate').

    Have a Cool Yule and happy and peaceful New Year dear boy x

  4. Happy Christmas Davy. My New Year's resolution is to read this blog more. Cheers for all your hard work.


  5. Oh stop it, I bet you say that to all the boys.

    Have a swell Christmas en France M.

  6. Happy Christmas Davy - your blog has been first on my 'clicklist' all year. Keep up the good work my friend.

  7. Davy boy,

    And it's a jolly firm and warm handshake from this end of the line. (Almost a quick, er, man cuddle too - afore an embarrassed cough and lurch for the bar).

    Our thought wires have run in parallel for much of your tales-of-tunes-tenure, and I point the cursor upon your Title as often as my bowels move. (Sometimes more often - particularly amidst a challenging egg-bound 4 days last June).

    Sorry I digress. Hic. There's no doubt in my (wavering ale-tinted) mind that you hit the music memory 'G Spot' more than most, with your bullseye snippets and pulsating trinkets from times gone by.

    Not always rose-coloured bletherings, but sharp as a stylus realism drizzled with mirth and garnished with sincerity.

    I thank you for all the days, and weeks, and months gone by - of tormented fiddly fannying with tracks and images and bandwith; and that sprinkling of IT gold dust that only Midus and 'Save Target As' Pixies understand.

    I remain a taker not a giver - yet try to balance the books a little with an occasional rambling deposit in the Comment pigeonhole. A pigeonhole that, may I say, now resembles a roof tiler's nail bag in its bulging capacity, rather that the tight narrow lonely tumbledown receptical that began.

    So, on behalf of myself, my brandy bottle, and all those readers who love your work but are too shy to comment ...

    Merry Christmas old lad.

    Into Tomorrow ...


  8. Cheers! back Jon - and bless you Vicar.

    And Dick - would that I could respond with commensurate wit and articulacy, but I am finding it hard to see through the tears (of gratitude and of mirth).

    Plus, you know, I've had a few vinos...Plat du jour Rodders, plat du jour.

    If there are to be 'quick man cuddles' of any kind, brace yourself dear boy, I'm comin' at ya x

    ALL - I will be signing off for Christmas here tomorrow (Christmas Eve, Northern Hemisphere) so hope to see you then Dx


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