Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lost In The Nineties

Why do some great records go unsung? Lots of reasons I suppose [insert yours here], but sometimes I reckon bands are just unlucky - they get signed - fine; they get the album done - lovely; it's released to good reviews in serious papers - excellent; and then....then nothing much.

They fail to capture the zeitgeist, whatever that is, don't get played much on the radio, don't build that groundswell of support through gigging we all hear so much about, get drowned out by noisier others - maybe just aren't brassy enough to tart their wares as required. And, let's face it, a fair bit of tarting is required. What's more, ten years ago there weren't even bloggers to come on to...

And so, this. A good record! That's been around for 11 years! But I am the only person I know that owns it and I've never seen it in one of those 'critical lists' - not even one of the smarter ones.

It's witty, melodic, original, urban - and charts in down-at-heel poetry a (Jarvis) Cockeresque world of garden sheds, laundrettes, corner shops, KitKats, Giros and getting drunk on cheap sherry. With trumpet bits!

The magnificent 'Faded Glamour' (the single) is very easily the best thing on it - so if you play that first, do please take care that your expectations are not impossibly highly-raised - yet rest assured, many delights follow.

I'll spare you the biographical mallarkey because you can work the Wiki as well as I can, although you may find there is more grit in the oyster, and love for your traffic, here.

Animals That Swim - 'Faded Glamour' (1996)
Animals That Swim - 'A Good Xmas' * (1996)
Animals That Swim - 'The Longest Road' (1996)
Animals That Swim - 'Despatches From Lula' (1996)

[* See how I smuggled this blog's first Christmas song post in there? I know. I impress myself sometimes, I really do]


  1. I bet they never featured in the 'Best Album Covers' of the year either. Still just had a listen to 'Faded Glamour' and your right - not bad. How will it fare on 4/5 listenings I wonder? I suppose it's all downhill from here then .......

  2. I don't know much about stuff, but I knows what I likes.

    This is well worth a listen... and just a little barking.

    Thanks for drizzling your special juices of knowledge over us.

  3. It's a terrible cover isn't it? And the group name isn't fabulous, but then neither's Prefab Sprout I suppose.

    I do drizzle strange juices sometimes Dick, and who knows how they'll be received - and yet, one must drizzle what one must, n'est-ce pas?

  4. on the subject of records that dissapear try a topical xmas song by a danish band called "Mew" song "When she came home for xmas" Travis meets air guitar.

  5. Well Wotcha! and thanks horntablet. I see the lovely people at Eardrums have posted that track, along with many other super Scandinavian things here.

  6. Have you heard their song about meeting Roy Orbison in a greasy spoon? Really rather a fine tune, if memory serves correctly.

  7. Miss Beth, I do not believe I have. It's called, not entirely unreasonably, 'Roy' though I think?

  8. Why beth thinks I read the same blogs as her and will pick up on comments she makes without me knowing I don't know. I'll dig out my vinyl and record an mp3 or two as soon as i can.
    (Beth's brother)

  9. here's the one Beth recommended along with my favorite on the album Workshy - a song that sounds like the drug it describes, King Beer.

    King beer

  10. Oh dear, I do hope this hasn't precipitated some sort of familial rift...

    Thank you Howard, I'm looking forward to these very much, you're a gent.


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