Monday, December 31, 2007

Hootenanny Malarkey

So what are you doing New Year's Eve?

After too many years of high-expectation evenings that ended in disappointment, rows, vomit, physical violence (once) and excessively-priced cab journeys home (always), me and Mrs H decided quite some time ago that Staying In might be the New Going Out for this night. So we loaded up on the champers and the Guinness and the logs and the coal for the fire and shoved on a bit of Jools and - it was lovely. Then we had the babies and staying in seemed kind of necessary anyhow. Then the babies got bigger and we went out in the pre-mad early part of the evening to a local restaurant we could walk to, and then home and put them to bed and champers and Guinness and Jools and...and so it stayed.

I would quite like to go out - but only if it could be to one of those New Year parties they have in old movies where it's New York City in 1961 and everyone's dressed for dinner and wearing pointy hats and there's a big clock on the wall that rings the chimes and ticker tape comes down at 12 and a swing band plays 'Auld Lang Syne' and we dance through the night (before getting an excessively-priced cab home, probably).

It's a funny old night.

From experience I'd say if it makes you sad, have a bath, go to bed early, wake up without a hangover, go for a walk and be glad you're alive. If it makes you happy, make someone else happy and know that I envy you.

This is my favourite version of my favourite New Year's Eve song ever, no contest - Frank Loesser, whaddaguy.

Nancy Wilson - 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?' (1963)

Happy 2008 lovely people x


  1. I, for one, will be staying in. A few friends round and avoiding expensive cabs like the plague. Have a good one Davy. Se you in 2008.

  2. Nearest I'll get to going out will be to the 'beer fridge' in the shed. Shame Jools records his shows ages ago (bit like finding out that Slade laid down 'Merry Xmas Everybody' in July). It loses it's edge somewhat not being live. Still, it's better than Andy Stewart sword dancing o'er the swirl o' the bastard pipes a la 1975.

    I have as much compunction for leaving my warm house, trudging about in the freezing rain, whilst paying some robbing meat-head on the door for entrance to a crappy sardine-packed pub, with little chance of making the overpriced bar whilst dressed as Scooby fuckin' Doo ... as I have for Turbo steaming my scrotum with a pink Morphy Richards 40675.

    If this makes me sound like a miserable old cunt, then so be it. Shame it took me so long really.

    Talk/moan to you next year.

    Love and er, joy.

  3. mrs rob and I are in the zetter in clerkenwell for the night - packed the scrap off to a pal's... it's our seventh wedding anniversary tomorrow! Have a great evening...

  4. Well Happy Annibursary the SilvanaRobs and hugs xx

    If no-one else objects (and I fail to see why they should) I would hereby like to present The Ghost Of Electricity Award for Commenter Of The Year 2007 to Sir Dick Van Dyke, may God bless him and all who sail in him.

    And he's got a beer fridge in his shed! BASTARD!

  5. Like pete postlethwaite's character in 'the sins'!

    Your NYE is my NYE and very fine it is too.

    All the best

  6. when you sort that time and continent travelling posh do let me know and i'm there. we nearly braved manchester cocktails but was busy coughing for england.
    frighteningly i too find the thought of a beer fridge and a shed together at last desperately appealing. i blame the north.
    many happy ones

  7. We stayed in and I opened a bottle of Talisker single malt I got for Xmas.

    Having a kid means the old nights out don't happen anymore. I don't mind though, I got tired of New Years Eve and the pressure to be HAVING FUN (preferably near a kissable female) when the clock stuck 12 a long time ago.


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