Sunday, December 30, 2007

(Old) Song For The Departing Year

God I loved this band; and I changed my life when this record came out you know...

I vow that it's goodbye
To the old ways

See you tomorra for a NYE postie...


  1. 'Changed your life' ... How? Why?
    You can't just throw that in like a casual hand grenade, and then slip away under the cover of jangly guitars.

    Tell us, spill your beans, open your heart. We care deeply. (Well I'm such a nosy fucker really, but I feel that I know you very well indeed).

  2. Ooh er! Do I know this story?...!

    Saw these lovelies in Manchester. They were the support to someone I forget now. Left before the headline act came on, anyway.


  3. Dick - the tale is no more interesting than this: I was in The Wrong House in The Wrong Place with The Wrong Woman; I met some bird in a scarlet jacket, she dazzled me; I did not think I was Worthy, but chucked everything in pursuit of her. She is now Mrs H and the mother of my kinder.

    And now I am cooking her a fish pie. Hurrah!

    Mart - you knew this.

  4. BTW - The Sundays, Town & Country Club May 1992. Awesome. We Need More Harriets In Rock (TM)

  5. some old chums of mine still blame the sundays for their unpopstarness. their rubbish band the caretaker race (i know, who'd buy a record by a band with a name like that anyway?)were playing in camden and had all the press finally coming along. the sundays were on first...

  6. Ah! The history, yes. But the link to the marvellous Ms Wheeler I did not. Unless I was very drunk at the time you told me. Bit like last night. Better time seeing the New Year in tho, this year. Even if the Hootenanny seemed a little lacking last night.

    Anyways - Happy Noo Year! Going to bed now(!)


  7. From rampant dangerous passion with erupting man custard, skin, makeup and hair agogo to ... Fish Pie.
    That encapsulates most relationships. (And I mean that in a fond way).
    Certainly beats 'Brief En-fuckin-counter'.

  8. It was a bloody good fish pie.


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