Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Reggae # 10 - SKA!

Oh, yes!

Available separately....

Prince Buster - 'Madness' (1963)
Dandy Livingstone - 'Rudy, A Message To You' (1967)
The Maytals - 'Monkey Man' (1970)

....or as a handy party Threepack.

"Two-Tone, black & white - that's the whole thing" - Jerry Dammers.

[Me and Mrs H are off to a PTA quiz at the girls' school tonight - I bet they don't ask proper questions like "Who played on both the original version of 'Rudy, A Message To You' and The Specials cover?"...Damn and blast them.]


  1. I've been doing the school/classroom run myself today - so these are well needed to revive my giddy head.

    I've got couple of other tunes that would sit quite neatly with these three..perhaps I'll post them next Friday

    Word verification was 'infro' isn't that a Jesus Jones song?

  2. 'Infro' - a shyish afro?

    Have you got Prince Buster's 'Whine & Grine' PM?

  3. Impeccable tunes as ever Mr H.

    Please find below the dub and uneditied versions of Whine & Grine.

    Have a good weekend

  4. Drew, your response is timely and and your generosity exemplary but - sorry, can you just bring that gift-horse over here while I take a good old look in its mouth? - ah, yes *adopts patrician tone of horn rim specked 70s dentist* I see these are the 1998 re-recordings....*disappears up own arse, and not for the first time this week*

  5. That same musician has played on FOUR versions of that song.

    May have whine and grine; I'll have a look. I think I've some grotty old ska album with it on. Certainly if I do it's the older version. I don't remember it being re-recorded. But then a lot of 98 is a blur.

  6. It looks like he was on TOTP doing it, and everything.

    I was already a boring old sod in 1998.

  7. I was working for Bovis managing the building of a hotel. All my colleagues were working away from home so would go to the pub. Every night. Five nights a week. I went for some of those. And recovered for the rest. That's where 1998 went.

  8. Got it. Just uploading it now.

  9. Prince Buster

    I'm going to have a drink now.

    word verification: bulork. Oh for an 's'

  10. That's the one Smoni. Tip-top rummaging there, thanks. Just got back from the shop with some Tonic - cheers!

  11. PTA Quiz. Ha - I went to one recently too. All questions akin to that you mention were nowhere to be seen.

    Organiser - Leggy Hargreaves, Head of Science - tested us with the likes of, "Whats the common name for the mineral form of basic copper carbonate'" or, "What's the capital of Chad?"

    2 hours of this and I'd drunk the fuckin place dry.

  12. Chad has a capital??!! Shit.

    One of the Dads is doing ours and he's a bit of a film buff - meanwhile me and Mrs H haven't been to the cinema to see anything other than things made by Pixar since the Pope was a lad.

    Bugger and tarnation.

  13. do you have to sit in those really little chairs too. if you do it'll be worth it

  14. I hang my head in shame. Thought the recording sounded a bit sharp

  15. My bairns sing along to the Specials' version of Monkey Man and Little Man giggles like mad after shouting out "BEEG BEEG MONKEY MAN!!"

    Could go for a decent PTA quiz, actually. Went to a PTA silent auction last year & one of the items up for bidding was a sex swing. We're very liberal here on the West Coast, dontcha know...

    Word verification is "parbidi" - wasn't that a party game popular circa 1974??

  16. Well, we came fourth. I think. The final scores were not very clearly presented. There were quite a lot of music rounds, so that was nice. I answered lots of questions on my own whilst others looked blankly at me. This has probably not won me any friends.

    They did a very nice curry.

    No small chairs or sex swings though, sadly.

  17. PS: FiL: I knew someone had mentioned 'Monkey Man' recently but I couldn't remember who. And then I started thinking that perhaps I had dreamt it. But ta-dah! It was you, you all along.

  18. Well done davy. Just out of the medals though. Must try harder.

    I always find that thinking of a team name can be difficult. I often elect the Spoonerism 'Betty Swallocks' - although this can vex the more Conservative PTA stalwarts.

  19. We needed you there Dickie. We were 'Gail Trimble Knew My Father' which is a bit strained I think.

  20. Marginally better than 'Gail Tilsley shagged my father'.

  21. DVD, how dare you, i now have a vision of the chinless one straddling my faither. Will need copious amounts of alcohol to purge that from my mind.

  22. Drew

    Your Da could always just take her from behind.

    Hope this helps.

  23. I have got to start downloading these reggae tracks - marvellous, Dave, marvellous.

    P.S. Work firewall must be down - I can see the pictures and everything. Oh Happy Day.