Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Reggae # 9

This week, cool down your temper and jump the train to Zion because he who thinks only of silver and gold shall surely, surely lose his soul.

Sweet vocals and dub-heavy riddims from the punky reggae party - inspiration, Don Letts.

Davy H's Train To Zion Threepack (2009)

Linval Thompson - 'Cool Down Your Temper' (12") (1976)
U-Brown with Linval Thompson - 'Train To Zion (discomix)' (1976)
Junior Byles - 'Fade Away' (1976)

Conscious. Where are you listening and what's your poison?


  1. Same shed, same time, different bottle.

  2. Bless you Dickie, it's so quiet tonight I was thinking of sending Janice home and locking up early.

  3. I'm about (just), with a slow-moving hangover though - I'm the hair of the dogging it with a few scoops and those tunes are just the ticket for my befuddled noggin - have you checked out Draw Your Brakes/Stop That Train very similar groove to your selection - I was bass playing in rockabilly meets reggae band until a couple of years ago and we used to an acoustic version of it

    The verification word was regoo - now that's hi-randomness

  4. Home from having a rather good dinner out with wife, kids and folks.

    Tanqueray and fever tree tonic, nice.

    Tunes up to the usual standard.

    WV - aingst

  5. Dont give that flibbertygibbet Janice any more time off Landlord.
    She'll be under the gas lamp taking it up the back alley with that greaser Vince afore yer can say 'pie n peas'.

    And you could do with a few 'pineapple chunks' in the mens urinal - our Trevor's spewed his ring after those 10 pints of 'Badger's Spleen'. He's blamin' that 'best before 1994' pickled egg.

  6. In the in-laws front room, on tinny laptop speakers. Where's the bass?!?!??!?

    Oh, I'm in the West Country...

  7. Istanbul with a couple o cans of Efes Xtra

  8. darling! sorry it's been so long! you know... I'm not a fan of reggae, but I have to say... this stuff is good! thanks ever so much xoxoe

  9. 'fade away' is possibly my favourite reggae track ever. Love the new Age steppers version from '81, too.

    Speaking of reggae, have you heard the Horace Andy and Ashley Beedle album?

  10. I haven't Ed; is it any good? I do like my reggae 'classic' for the most part...

  11. It is...

    featuring the vocals of one Ari Up

    : )

  12. Nice. Johnny Lydon's stepdaughter singing a track from The Roxy 77; wheels within wheels Eduardo, wheels within wheels.

  13. Thought you might like it, it is fab...


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