Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Reggae # 7

I been busy in Babylon with the scissors and paste, so open the windows and give it some bass.

'Davy H's Ruff Roots Reggae mix' (2009)

Jackie Edwards - 'Invasion' (197?)
Jackie Edwards - 'Invasion (Version)' (197?)
Culture - 'Natty Dread Takin' Over' (12") (1977)
Eek A Mouse - 'Heroes Dead And Gone' (12") (1982)

20 minutes of crucial dub-heavy riddims - enjoy x (and let me know where you're playing it!)


  1. I can't listen to this until I get home, so it'll be played in the kitchen, with the sounds of cooking going on.

    Word verification the most apt:



  2. Jah Bless.

    I love playing music when I'm cooking.

  3. Righteous Mista H.

    God sometimes I really miss smoking.

  4. Putcha leg up with DJ Davy - right nice..

    Last tracks a treat, been playing Lee Scratch Perry's Tell Me Something Good this week..worth checking

    PS I've been listening, while office-bound in Fenchurch St.

  5. Dans la shed, like.

    2 bottles of pear cider and I'm wrapped in an old duvet. Funny look from Sherbert the Guinea Pig. Hutch vibrating a bit, see.

    Just booked a week in the south west come August. You may have been an inspiration*.

    Early night with Ian Clayton's 'Bringing It All Back Home'. *Ditto

    Much love to the family H.

  6. IRIE Dickie, I loved that Clayton book - made me cry at an inappropriate time on the train to Nottingham as a buttoned up business bloke tapped at his laptop in front of me. More fool he.

    Tell me where South West?!

  7. I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think music gets much better than this.

  8. I know what you mean. I was listening to Misty In Roots' Live At The Counter Eurovision yesterday and thinking 'This may be the best record I have ever heard'.

  9. listeing to this in skerries, just outside dublin on sat morining with the kids. the wifes off getting her toes done and i'm looking for pharmacognosy links on 'net regarding analytical testing of ginseng. anyone help would be appreciated. that j lucien tune is brilliant. if only we gots the weather these tunes suggest.

  10. Spent the afty with John Smith, Timothy Taylor and creamy Joshua T. 'Chicken Tikka you and I find ..'

    Any road, feelin a bit 'bloated' inasmuch as 14 bottles of pro-bacteria bollocks yoghurt wouldn't sort out. Not as effective as a pull-through with the rough end of a pineapple.

    South west itinerary tbc. Aged p lives by Stonehenge, then its a base in Plymouth and day trips a-gogo.

    (Also booked a week in Spain beforehand, as I likes me sunshine to be a nailed on certainty)

    Gota go - it'll have to be soft, long, and very very strong to deal with my Krakatoa. "Smoke on. Go!"

  11. I'll rip it and save it for the Caribbean beach at the end of May....(although where I'm going is more calypso than reggae.

    Word verification - rebeli (honestly!!)

  12. Geez - another great track! Thanks.

  13. Good to think of these blasting the bass speakers in Dublin, Windies, Mass and a shed in Leeds.


  14. oooooh live at the counter eurovision now you're bleedin talkin though the big intro gets me all teary over peel - it was in his desert island discs you know.
    i would like cooking music if i had more than a wiener radio in my kitchen so it's football tittle tattle all the way round ours.
    this was mighty fine to digest to though. ta brother

  15. Lovely stuff, I must reciprocate sometime soon.

  16. Ahh, poor old Ali Bongo.

    Did I ever tell you my real name is Ali Bongo?

  17. Very good; very Harry Hill in its 'joke referencing earlier joke you thought you'd forgotten'-ness. You tart.

    I loved Ali Bongo - I was mad about magic; got a magic set when I was 7, and everything.

  18. btw, I'm nicking this for my next podcast.