Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I get this great big unstoppable longing for the sea on days like these. When I was a teenager I'd have whizzed off on my bike to St Mary's Bay or Mansands or Scabbacombe Head to get a blast of sharp cold salty air and blow the blues away; there'd be no-one up there on a weekday. Then on the way home I'd have stopped by the little electrical shop in Brixham that sold records upstairs and flicked through the singles. Therapy.

It's been a while since I went down. The Aged Ps grow more Aged and the journey on clogged motorways with all of the family paraphernalia less and less easy-breezy.

I should do the solo train trip with the iPo and a toothbrush again along the railroad by the sea.

Forgive me, I'm just thinking out loud.

The Jam - 'English Rose' (1978)


  1. the sea in song form:Albatross fleetwood mac with enigmatic guitarist peter green.

  2. 'Sea Songs' - now there's a list...

  3. I can see a business opportunity here bottled Devon Air for the nostalgic city dweller.

    God Davy, that post has made me even more melancholic than I already was, excellent post.

  4. And what pray tell is an Ipo some strange west country thing?

  5. Trans - meh pod, as Colin calls it.

    'There's comfort in melancholy/When there's no need to explain'...

  6. Had to google that one Davy, not up on my joni Mitchell. Nice line tho

  7. Wonderful bit of writing.

    There's something very soothing about travelling on a train along a shoreline that is incredibly soothing and nostalgic.

    There's a great stretch that runs across the Forth Rail Bridge and up the Fife coast that always reminds me of setting off to meet up with the rest of the family after doing my Saturday job, being met by my dad and uncle at the nearest railway station, but being allowed to first of all go to the pub with them before going back to the caravan park.

    Thanks for that Davy.

  8. I've been sat in the office all week gazing out of the window at all this wonderful sunshine. It has the same effect on me - I end up longing to be outside in the fresh air. So I treated myself today, took the day off and went fishing at my favourite lake near Glastonbury - the fish weren't very co-operative but who cares, great weather and birdsong. And me and Mrs Darce are going to Devon on Saturday for the weekend for a friend's birthday and the weather looks like holding. It's all good.

  9. PS: JC, the ultimate 'travelling on a train along a shoreline' track must be Heidi Berry's 'Northshore Train', which I posted last time I wittered on about the railroad by the sea. Give me a shout if you don't have it and want to sample, but beware - contains melancholy x

  10. I feel such a long way from the sea - I think i am just about as far as you can be from the sea in England, just now. When I was a student I used to be able to jump on a train with a couple of paperbacks, a guardian, a walkman and twenty gauloises and spend the day 'working' on the seashore, but no more.

  11. Yeah, great post. I used to live on an island, two minutes from the sea. At night you could sit outside and hear the waves. That's one of the big things I miss nowadays. Thanks for reminding me, boo hoo

  12. Last time Davy, I was in the middle of my Canadian work thingy and couldnt kep up with things. So I just had my first look at it.

    Stunning pic.

    Makes me want to head down there and see it for myself.

    Wouldnt mind some melancholy...


  13. Don't remember your buike being quite that shiny though, Dave!

    It may be a trek but I don't half miss the fact that my own Aged Ps no longer live there. So many wonderful boltholes; and how the kids would now love it. I'm sure Bournemouth has them somewhere, eh?


  14. No, it's true, she was not that shiny; secondhand from Torre Motorcycles with all the money in me building society. Several previous owners. Ran like a dream though. And meant FREEDOM (at seventeen) x


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