Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Rude To Stare

I am sure that minty sharp as you all are you'll already be familiar with this track, but I have to tell you that it popped up on shuffle at me one sunny morning just recently and I said to myself 'DavyH, By George And By Jingo But There Is A Mighty Fine Little Pop Song If Ever You Heard One, Oh Yes' and since this place is only ever about me posting things I've been enjoying or thinking about, here it is now for you.

Do you think if I wear a jacket and trousers like that into town tomorrow the G20 anarchists will leave me alone?

Spiral Starecase - 'More Today Than Yesterday' (1968)


  1. I have this on my computer. It took me a moment to remember when I got it and why. I was watching American Idol last year and one of them did a version of this. It's a bloody good song.

    Just dress up like Steed, or Mr Benn. And stay away from the centre of town. We got warned away by the police, and my office is in Holborn.

  2. Crushed velvet perhaps. Scarlet.

  3. My I-Block had was on double top form this morning it fired up...

    The Damned 'So Messed Up' - followed by Brian James (ex Damned)'Bad Boy'

    Then a Bowie rehearsal version of 'The Supermen' followed by Barbara Streisand 'Life On Mars' and one other musical connection which I've forgotten..

    I'm in Fenchurch St wearing a suit and tie and was thinking of popping out for a bag of Twiglets - I may give it a swerve..

  4. get out the bowler and brollie and no harm could ever befall you

  5. My God! But whoever thought that was a good look? Whenever.

    I trust you staprest got you through unscathed.


  6. Don't watch American Idol but have also heard this recently but cannot place it... a chorus of discordant voices shouting '...yesterday'. A film perhaps?...

  7. Is that Thom Yorke's dad there in the center...

  8. ....sartorially ahead of Thom wasn't he?

    Taking a leaf out of his book I went into town yesterday fully suited and booted and, like our brave boys in blue (c), 'up for it' with any anarchist that wanted to take me on, but I have to report that my day passed without incident. The media love all this don't they? That and a bit of snow...

    I've just watched Sarkozy trying to upstage everyone by arriving at the G20 talks last, only to be pipped by Berlusconi. Brilliant stuff.

  9. This is peaches (tinned) and cream with a cherry on top.

    And I still dress like this. Problem?

  10. Loud but never square Dickie, loud but never square.