Monday, June 01, 2009

High, High, High, High There

And Scorchio it continues.

This is something I used to play a lot on happy Hospital Radio Nine when things got sticky on the gritty streets of Tooting.

My vinyl copy of Sly's Greatest Hits is a tad worse for wear, so have this nice clean mp3 instead.

Wear sunscreen!

Sly & The Family Stone - 'Hot Fun In The Summertime' (1969)


  1. wear sunscreen?

    wear fringing!

    Shirl's shaking it downunder as we speak+play ....

    luverly davyH!

  2. Was watching Woodstock over the weekend - have you seen the Sly performance? I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E

    It's only one song 'Higher', but stick with it until the mid-song monologue, and then watch as the second half explodes (at 7:20)with some of the funkiest horn riffing and stage frugging you've ever heard and seen..

    The Santana clip Soul Sacrifice which leads into 'Higher' is well worth a peep too

  3. we love sly. love him love him love him.

    and it's too hot. i want our proper summer back.


  4. Ah. Sly. If You Want Me To Stay came on the old shuffle this morning. Good times.

  5. I was out and about this weekend taking the photos (you know, the ones I never post anymore) and listening to my 3 CD summer mix, and thinking as I listened to this song, that it was already absolutely appropo for this weekend. And it's only June! I'm with Ally.

  6. We probably all need to slip into something cooler. Leopardskin, for example x

  7. YES!!! you *know* this makes me do unspeakable things, .... no, I won't tell you!

    Funk FTW! xoxox

  8. By George, what a disparate bunch of funk-filled go-getters.

    In the lead photo, there is a touch of Galen circa 1974 about him.


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