Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Kiss To Start The Morning Off

A London Lee Picture - respect!

Doh! I'm mad, mad, bonkers busy taking sick-makingly early trains out of St Pancras to Nottingham and back to London and up and out again tomorrow and just loony bonkers mad busy. least I might get to finish that cracking Eno book in transit.

Here's a song for hot weather fading in and out and out and in, and gone, gone, gone on the train from Platform 3 with a snatched croissant and an Innocent smoothie.

Maaan, I love this one.

Stevie Wonder - 'Summer Soft' (1976)


  1. Nice.

    And the sun is still shining up here.

  2. That's my image! From some desktop pics I designed years ago on my old site.

    I don't care though, I'm always using other people's photos.

  3. A pure peach - have you checked The Supremes version of Stevie's Bad Weather delish

  4. Long sunny days should be spent in short airy trousers.

    Long one for me tomorrow too old boy. Election Day and I'm the 'Presiding Officer' for a Polling Station in Studentland, Leeds.

    I expect there will be a galaxy of stars on display; The lost, the bewildered, the stroppy with a point to prove, and the loonies will be all out in force - and I'll be rescuing 'spoilt' ballot papers from every orifice.

    Will be gagging for a pint come 10pm.

  5. Make sure you put in on expenses Dickie.

    Lee - what are the chances?!! Your pic is all over Google images - and no wonder, and this is why I used it - it's big and bright and funky and...Stevie and just what I needed to go with the red one of Sly. I have added a credit sir, and thank you.

    Don't know the Supremes track PM - any chance of a sample? It'd cheer me up and yes you too Drew when the inevitable clouds come rolling back in...

  6. Did you get the Supremes version yet Davy? I have it if you didn't.

  7. Supremes received! Thanks both.

  8. And then I found this and, well, everything is well with the world again.


    WV: psyce...!


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